Connecting the dots or bridging the communication gap is one of the most essential pillars of expanding business globally. It is essential for successful businesses to build bridges to connect with larger audiences. Global expansion is at the heart of strategic plans of most organizations to grow revenue. At the same time, companies are leaning into the value of their brand and with that, ensuring brand consistency and compliance; creating a high quality, consistent cross-channel customer experience; and focusing on digital transformation. Lionbridge partners with brands to break barriers and build bridges all over the world. 

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a Best Business Magazine.

Lionbridge has the skills, expertise, and global scale to provide end-to-end support to help firms efficiently, maximally, and quickly grow in multiple markets. Jaime Punishill is the Chief Marketing Officer at Lionbridge. Jaime is an innovative marketing, channel, and product executive. 

Supporting Globalization of E-Commerce With Evolved Localization Services

Jaime states that the localization business stands to benefit as the world continues to drive more global commerce. He says that it is a great time to be an entrepreneur in this business. There are tremendous advances in the technology that undergirds how one localizes, what one localizes, how fast one can localize and how well one can localize. And, many companies are at the beginning of their journey. As more companies become global, the need for their services will grow. Jaime adds, “It’s a fantastic time to look for new ways to power localization and to support the globalization of e-commerce and commerce.”

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