Lilliput is the brand made for children. Childhood is the time of life when everyone is carefree and tastes a sort of freedom which only a child can experience. Lilliput is just the right brand which caters to all stages of childhood that is from infancy to pre- teens. Lilliput uses the best quality apparel material for its cute little customers which is non-abrasive easy iron clothing (ph level-7), low formaldehyde content.
Lilliput offers a great shopping experience leading to customer satisfaction by constant product innovation which is a must in apparel industry as one feels the texture of cloth through the skin.
Mr. Sanjeev Narula is the man behind this brand with the iconic vision to take Lilliput to the heights of Asian apparel industry. He started his business in 1992 with a mere 1.25 lakh of capital and a pity no. of sewing machines (30), though with that too he was successful in generating profitable business and franchising opportunities.
Franchising has become one the most profitable franchise business industry in India because of the various advantages involved. Firstly, it allows you to invest in a well established brand with an operating business system. Secondly, franchising is much more beneficial in comparison to starting up a new venture from scratch. In short, we can say franchising offers an entrepreneur a shortcut to success.

As a result , Mr. Sanjeev Narula have developed a set of skills like marketing, designing, production using which he creates magic, in other words beneficial business opportunities in the apparel industry.

Lilliput was started by Mr. Sanjeev Narula in the year of 2003, its objective being to sell high standard products at plausible prices satisfying its customers immensely. From the year 2003 Lilliput has grown to 100 outlets and 400 shop in shop panning 165. Locally, it has its presence in various cities like Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttarpradesh, Uttrakhand, Bihar, Rajasthan.

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And it doesn't seem to have any plan whatsoever regarding giving a stop to its venture. On the contrary it has tremendous plans to open 200 more outlets by the year 2018 giving high return on investments and it also has bagged many prestigious awards like Glory of India, Most Admired Brand, Bhartiya Shiromani Puruskar, India's most trusted brand and the list goes on. For the best business opportunities contact Franchisezing.

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