Let’s be honest, are you really doing everything you need to be successful each and every day? I know, I’m not… so how can I complain… I can’t. A favorite quote of mine is from the character Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.” To be in integrity with myself, I have to take an honest look at my intentions, my actions and my results. The "MYs" have it…that’s what they are “my choices.”

Why do I bring this up? Well, as a coach sometimes I meet someone who asks for help, yet I know there is nothing I could possibly say (do) after listening to pages and pages of the past. I soon realize they are running for the mayor of Drama-land. They say they seek results, yet they do not do…. Many times, they do not even try. It’s the drama (and sympathy) they seek, not the success they say they want.

We are each responsible for our outcomes… good intentions do not matter if there is no follow through with actions to get our desired outcomes. Don’t get me wrong, good intentions are great—it’s the first step needed to take action. Take my relationship with exercise… I have good intentions to get to the gym every day. I pay a huge membership monthly (you would think that would motivate me.) I have the right clothes and even home equipment. I could make the time, but I don’t. So, I can’t blame the gym. I can’t blame the clothes or equipment, I can’t blame my schedule – but I do… It’s the actions that count. It’s what we do with each day that determines our future.

Lights, Camera, Action!

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