When you have a pet such as a dog you have certain responsibilities in terms of ensuring that the dog stays healthy. It is surprising how quickly vet bills can add up these days, with some operations in particular costing thousands. With pet insurance you can relieve yourself of a lot of pressure, especially if your dog develops an ongoing illness. Lifetime dog insurance will cover your dog for its entire life. Obviously you will need to pay for whatever type of dog insurance you have, but a good level of cover can save you a lot of money in the long run.

What Kind Of Things Will Be Covered?

You will find with lifetime pet cover, or any other type, that not everything is protected. If there is an illness or injury that is pre-existing the policy will not cover it. In other words, if your pet already has a condition or an illness at the time you take out the policy, you will not be able to claim for costs related to that. This is normal with any type of insurance. Getting your pet spayed or neutered will not be covered unless having this procedure done is required for health reasons.

There will usually be a yearly maximum that you can claim on lifetime pet insurance. If your dog has an on-going illness such as arthritis or diabetes there will be a limit on how much the insurer will pay out in one year, but the level of cover stars again the next year. With more basic annual policies, you can only claim until the end of the one year term, then nothing more.

Most illness will be covered with lifetime dog insurance although the insurance company will pay only a set amount per year for each illness, depending on the level of cover you take out.

Types Of Policies

You can buy a pet policy that lasts a year, per condition or lifetime dog insurance. With yearly insurance there will be a set amount for each illness your dog may have. Once that amount is reached, you will be responsible for the rest of the money for the life of your pet.

With per condition insurance there will be an annual limit for the condition that it is covering. Each year it will renew itself for that condition until you reach the limit. This type of insurance only covers that one condition. If another problem arises your pet will not be covered.

Lifetime dog insurance will cover nearly any illness your dog has. It will have a yearly limit for each condition, but it renews itself every year. Your dog will be covered for his entire life and he will be covered for every illness. This includes on-going or recurring problems.

Buying Lifetime Pet Policies

As with anything else, you ought to shop around when purchasing pet insurance. Every company has different options and corresponding prices. Shopping online is probably the quickest and easiest way to buy your policy. You are able to see what it covered and get quotes quickly.

Prices for lifetime dog insurance will vary depending on the type of dog you have. Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to illness than other dogs. Remember to take this into consideration when shopping for the right policy for you and your pet.

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