Life is full of transitions; none of us remain exactly the same for any length of time. This refers not only to our physical appearance, but also our attitudes, way of thinking, and emotional responses to people and situations. And this is as it should be. Life is not about standing still but about moving forward; about evolving and metamorphosing into a better person. Via this constant striving for betterment we can reach our full potential, achieving all that we were meant to.

Recognize that life cannot be stagnant

If you were a certain way in your twenties: casually skimming the surface of life, taking nothing and no one very seriously, then perhaps you need to reassess this in your 30’s. If your mind matures, this has to reflect in your behavior, your attitude and your physicality. Don’t be afraid of change; rather embrace it as a part of personal growth.

Constantly strive to improve your skill set

Add new skills to your existing ones. Professionally speaking this can add to the sum of your assets, improving your chances of a better paying, more enriching and satisfying professional life. Not only that, this can help to improve self esteem and make you appear more confident to others.

Read, read, read

No reading is worthless. Whether it’s a magazine, a biography, nonfiction, a bestselling book, a text book related to your professional sphere or even your child’s school books, all reading is beneficial; all reading helps widen your horizons and the sum of your knowledge about people, places, events etc. Reading gives you a better grasp of current affairs, makes you more aware and empathetic to others and helps in your evolution as a person.

Hone your work ethic

It may sound boring but at some point you need to get serious – about relationships, personal commitments, professional ones and every sphere of life. Acknowledge that there is no substitute for hard work; find ways to enjoy your work and recognize your work as both satisfying and rewarding.

Look after your image

Like it or not we are all judged by the way we look. How well dressed are you? How well groomed is your hair? Are your fingernails scruffy? Are your shoes shined? Do you have any visible or embarrassing tattoos that reflect a youthful aberration? You may be a free soul, and nothing needs to change that. However, when it comes to the professional sphere your image counts for a lot; it could make the difference between you being taken seriously and being dismissed as casual or frivolous.

Remain positive

It’s also a good idea to realize that life is not all sunshine and roses. Bad things can and will happen. There will be setbacks. But you have to ensure that you don’t let these get you down. You need to remain positive; you need to concentrate on the bigger picture and not let the little problems of life weigh you down. A ‘can do’, positive approach to life can be surprisingly effective in helping you cope with and move beyond setbacks.

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Sarika Periwal writes personal growth and development articles. Connect withher on Twitter or Google+.