How would you like to remember 90% of what you read from anything? the newspaper, your favorite novel, business reports, your child's MySpace blog? How would you like to be able to read faster? Perhaps youll even read 3x faster and still remember almost everything you read! How would you like this to happen in just one single hour?

Impossible? Not hardly! With and the Speed Complete Speed Reading Program, hundreds of thousands of people have done just that!

But what can one do with the ability to read over 600 words per minute and remember almost every word? The lifelong effects of speed reading are numerous.

First, you will finally be able to get to all those books on your list "or your university professors' "Suggested Reading" lists" you have never had the time to read before. Suddenly, an hour's commute to work on public transportation won't mean simply a chapter or two it will mean an entire book checked off your list! You won't even get that sense of disappointment when you skim a book just to finish it. With the Complete Speed Reading Program, and the new ability to retain nearly everything you read, you'll be able to discuss the book in next month's "or even next year's" book club! When you read Les Miserables or Moby Dick for your literature class, you will be able to read the unabridged versions in less time than it takes your classmates to read the bastardized cut-out-entire-chapters versions! Not only that, you will have the bragging rights that come with reading the classics as the author intended.

If you are in a profession that requires a lot of reading and just as much retention such as scholars, physicians, writers, doctors, and attorneys "or are interested in going into such fields" being able to read even twice as fast can end up saving hours "even up to days or weeks" on an intense project.

If you are a student "or just know" being able to read faster and comprehend more will, undoubtedly, be of a great boon to not only your ease of study, but also your GPA. Studies have also shown that the new way of reading taught to those who want to speed read may also assist the brain in learning a new language.

Speed reading also has lifelong physical effects as well. The less time you spend reading, the less eye strain and eye and muscle fatigue you will experience which may cut down on the need for reading glasses later in life.

Because the Complete Speed Reading Program re-teaches your brain how to read, you learn how to remember more at the same time. Simply being able to remember what you have read can be just what you need to set yourself apart from the pack paying for that next promotion, the university scholarship, the head of the bell curve, or the rest of the neighborhood book club.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Polmar was an instructor of Be Dynamic with Speed Reading, at 9 colleges and universities from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. He's offering to you his rapid learn method to produce your own paper in 10 days or less. Enjoy!