Today I realized that life lives within time and so we have to treat time with respect and not squander it. I was reflecting on the fact that we all have a
battery" so to speak with a certain amount of energy. If we are not careful we can waste most of it on unnecessary, irrelevant and insignificant things. We all have a final destiny that we have in common; death. So, we know that we will one day, all of us in our own time, move on to the next dimension of life whatever that might be to each of us. When I realized this Truth about life, I reflected on how I was utilizing my "battery" and discovered I was not as balanced mentally, physically and spiritually as I should be. So I took the personal assessment that is on my site so I can see where I stood regarding how I was managing my life. Gosh...well...I have some "house cleaning" to do in all three departments. I try to maintain a certain balance so that I can ride the tide of life rather than drown in it. So at the moment I am treading water but now I know where the adjustments need to be made. I don't want to run out juice you know before my mission on earth is complete. Do you?

Boy, I am definitely guilty of wasting my time on things that are not suppose to be on my plate in the first plate. The funny thing is that I am usually the one who puts things on my plate that were intended for someone elses. When you find yourself looking at your TO DO list and you start sweating, you know it is time to get back to the basics. Even though I wrote a book on life management doesn't mean I don't struggle along with our clients. We are human and sometimes life forces it's will on us. That is when you have to remind yourself that it is YOUR life and you can choose which way to turn the sails of your ship so that you can take advantage of the wind instead of ending up winded and shipwrecked. Just remember to look for the "lighthouse", your Spirit, to beam clarity for you to follow. All it takes is some introspection, taking a step or two back and taking a deep breathe as you wait to for the insight or the revelation you need to manifest.

Author's Bio: 

I am the President of the SELF, INC. Life Program. I authored a Handbook about the Program about 10 years ago. So I dusted it off, added some insights that I have gained in the last 10 years or so and I am committed to "paying it forward" by spreading the message that: "You need to love yourself first. Only then can you truly love enough to manifest singificant PERSONAL SUCCESS in your life." I decided to become a writer of articles so I can perhaps offer up any insight that I have gained and continue to gain, as a student of life, on how to manage our personal worlds. Lastly, I want to be part of a community of people that is commited to personal enlightenment, that wants to be enlightened and wants to help other people be enlightened, or just want to find the darn light, turn it on in our community and in the lives of others.