The government of Connecticut is doing its bit in making the young ones aware of the importance of safe driving. It was a startling revelation known; that car crashes have been the most common of causes as far as deaths in the fifteen to twenty years of age group of teenagers is concerned.

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‘Teen Safe Driver Awareness Week’ is a part of a national level initiative. It encourages teenagers to drive safely and carefully. It is rash and careless driving which has resulted in most of these deaths which could have been otherwise definitely been avoided.

None the less the teenagers of today don’t seem to be as aggressive and rebellious in nature an expected for there has been a drastic fall in the number of accidents involving teenagers. In fact only a mere 6 from this age group were involved in fatal accidents in the year 2009. This means the percentage coming down by sixty two percent.

Dr. Brendan T. Campbell, Director of Pediatric Trauma at Connecticut Children's Hospital went on to the extent of claiming that it is the child’s parents who mainly affect his or her mindset when they have newly started out as young drivers. The parents should well take care of the child’s behavior and convince them into becoming safer and more alert drivers.

So much so that parents should also go along for a drive with the teenaged kids newly learning to drive. Practicing along with them will not only make a better driver of them but will increase the intimate bond between a parent and child. The child should be regularly, monitored and kept under the scanner.

Although forcing too much of your will on him or her won’t be a good idea either. The message should be sent with love instead. They should be also regularly communicated with as in the importance if safe driving. This much ensured should make a big difference in the end.

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