LG washing machine that removes stubborn stains from clothes easily

There was a time when the women of the household used to spend hours washing clothes. It used to take time, her work also doubled. Since the advent of modern technology, human life has become very easy. Washing machines entered the market to rid women of this hard work. At that time, women benefited greatly from its use. Now, this is the condition that everything from washing clothes to drying is done in the machine. If you can see, there will be a washing machine in every house and it is not or it is damaged, then it will be a really challenging task for a woman to buy a new washing machine.

Recently LG Company, which is a known brand in India, has brought out a very good and multitasking washing machine. Today we will try to know about this machine, how much better its features are and whether you will get satisfaction by purchasing it.

LG 8.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – FH2G6TDNL42

When thinking about buying home appliances, we can blindly trust LG company's products. Talking about LG FH2G6TDNL42 machine, this 8.0 kg machine is one of the most popular products of LG company. The most important thing about this machine is that it helps in removing dust mites, pollen and allergic pesticides from your clothes which you will not see even with open eyes. Not only this, the machine has been brought to market with 6-motion direct drive technology to wash clothes.

If we talk about its positive aspect, then you can also wash different types of clothes in it. Clothes easily get dusted in every season and every fabric. For this, you do not need to wash clothes separately and rotate.

What is 6-motion direct drive technology?

This means that the stubborn stains on your clothes that you cannot remove from the hand by hand can be removed within minutes with the help of this technique. You will definitely notice in this washing machine that it reduces noise a lot, as well as vibration. Not only this, but a hot water heater is also being given to removing stains and allergies on clothes in this machine. The water will be hot in it and it will easily stain your clothes.

If you soak your clothes at 40 ° C warm water for about 15 minutes in the machine, it can get rid of worms and allergies. This machine comes with features like waterproof touch panel and a rustproof body.


The drum of this machine is easy to bend downwards, as it is not too full to have trouble lifting and bending. In this, water can be heated up to 85 ° C. You can apply a child lock if you want, because it is being given the option of Child Look, using which disabling the settings panel can make it safe for your child.

Product information
Technical Details

8 Kilograms
Installation Type
Form Factor
Control Console
Fully Automatic
220 Volts
Included Components
1 Washing Machine, Inlet Hose, Owner's Manual and Spanner
Batteries Included
Batteries Required

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