Levolor cellular shades are an innovative and fresh design in energy conservation. With rising energy costs and new environmental awareness issues, many families are making the decision to go green, both for the environment as well as for their wallet. Energy conservation accomplishes both, and these cellular shades are a fantastic way to conserve the amount of energy being used in your home, while still maintaining a level of style and sophistication.

These cellular shades feature a brilliant design to essentially trap air and insulate your home. With a unique cell design, levolor cellular shades literally act as a thermal protective barrier for your windows and provide light control. The ability to be a thermal insulator means that your heating and cooling doesn’t have to work as hard or as long to keep the desired temperature of your home by competing with heat from the sun, or cold from the winter.

The cordless design is a bonus for families who have small children or pets in their homes. Dangling cords pose a choking and a strangulation risk for children, babies and pets who have the possibility of getting easily caught in the strings. No cords or strings means no risk, improving the safety standards of the home and allowing parents the rare opportunity to have less to worry about.

Levolor cellular shades are available in several color tones to match your home décor, and present a chic appearance to your window treatments. They can be cut to fit virtually any size windows, and are appropriate for use in any room of the house, from the nursery to the kitchen and living rooms. They come in timeless and beautifully soft fabrics to enhance the beauty of the home. This is one window option that is beautiful, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and very affordable.

levolor cellular shades

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