Social media platforms are proliferating over recent years, which has influenced the manner brands and businesses communicate with their respective. Everyone, be it Politician, businesses, or artists, are using social media like Facebook and Instagram to share new ideas, sell new products, and promote their endeavors. Undoubtedly, these social media platforms have made it easier to create a following, enhance consumer base and go viral, serving as the magic potion for the brands across the globe.

However, to make the most out of this magic potion, you need to focus on a few strategies, which not all brands and businesses are capable of following. This explains why most of the companies, who hold a presence on social media, fail to go viral.

Let’s Go Viral Now LLC, the one viral Innovation social media marketing and promotion company, has made many celebs and businesses reach the height of fame and gain an abundance of followers overnight with its on-spot digital marketing tactics.

The incredible promotion company has become sought-after providers of innovative, quality, yet pocket-friendly social media marketing solutions to its clientele. Below, Corey James, the Founder of the ‘Let’s Go Viral Now LLC,’ spills the beans about what it takes to go viral on the web.

Let’s Go Viral Now LLC denotes the art of going viral to the Pandemic that took the world by surprise. 

The spread of the virus happened like a bolt of lightning, starting as a fluke, a novel virus with no pre-existence, went on from the one corner of the globe, and working its way to the other end, becoming a global phenomenon.

That is precisely how the viral content work: beginning from a small idea as a post on Insta and FB, that goes on to make its way with few trending hashtags, finally reaching to the worldwide audience with a BOOM!

Content is Undoubtedly the King

Corey reveals that the most critical mistake that the brands make is that they focus mostly on advertising campaigns rather than working on the quality content. “The key difference between a viral brand and a mediocre brand is that they do not just have incredible marketing strategies but also have awestruck content that allures their prospects right on the first glance,” he says.

Specifically, when it comes to the success of the brands, content is vital and comes foremost before stressing about the advertising.

Get Personal with Your Audience

Many striving businesses fail to realize that the key to going viral is to establish a deeper relationship with your consumer base. Your products, services, and even content must give your target audience a sense of belonging, they must feel connected to your brand, and the only way is to create ‘relatable,’ content. “This more of an expansion on the notion of ‘Content is the King’, but it is super important. Your brand cannot survive the competition online until you create relatable content, and thus, knowing your audience is the prime step to bring forth relatability. All you need to do is to know more and dig deeper about the preferences and mindsets of your audience that your content will resonate with,” says Corey James Cochran.

The Viral Attracts Viral

Corey explains that the key to going viral comes after thoroughly knowing your clientele. After you have defined the interests and social media behavior of the target audience, the information can be fruitful to help you partner with other influencers and brands, magnifying your chances of going viral. The partnership is one fool-proof marketing tactic that will make you reach a large enough audience only using your own social media channels. Also, it is hassle-free, as all you need to do is to reach out to brands and influencers that are popular with your target audience and establish a partnership to cross-promote products and new content, making you go viral in no time.

Let’s Go Viral Now LLC explain that similarly, like the pandemic, the viral stuff also needs to be contagious and sticky to grab the viewer’s attention right on the spot.

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Martin Gray is done BSc Degree in MediaLab Arts from the University of Plymouth. He currently lives in New York City. He is a fantastic and reliable content creator with an inspiring and clear vision. He has his own blog on: Martin Gray Blogs