You wake up one day and finally decide that you no longer want a certain habit, thought, emotion, person, or thing apart of your growing spirit anymore.

The more we develop our intuitions, the easier it is for us to know what does not serve us, and to know when it is time to let those things go. This is our soul taking its rightful place. As spiritual beings living a human experience, we cycle through phases of transformation that push and pull us to become our truest selves. Usually after enduring several internal battles, we develop the courage to let something go. Reflection allows us to think about why we are releasing, and how we may want to go about it. A few helpful tools for this phase include meditation, journaling, and counseling or talking to a trusted source about it. It sounds nice to think that a support system helps during this journey, but most of the time, solitude is what gets us to our roots. Embrace the moments alone, and sprout through them. You can be surrounded by family and loved ones, and still feel very much alone during any spiritual transformation, but always keep tucked away the truth that you are never really alone in your process. Even when you let things go, you are guided by specific divine entities that are there to help you when you need. All you must do, is ask.

You’ve done it. You’ve set your intention, you’ve completed your ritual, and you have let something, or someone go for good. It sounds so empowering, and trust that it is, but, sometimes, when we choose to better ourselves by letting things go, we may not be prepared for what happens after that. What about the feelings of our emotional and spiritual bodies?

What happens to the mind and the body?

How do we cope?

There is not a one-size-fits-all process that occurs after a release, but there are a few things to keep in mind for the recovery.

This is where the mental health part comes in. If you’ve done some serious releasing, then you must be prepared to see yourself through growing pains.

Releasing is like shedding skin. You are literally growing out of an old version of yourself, and this can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining!

Any feelings of depression, anxiety, or overwhelm are your body and soul getting to a new space. This does not mean ignore those symptoms, but instead recognize your transformation. Allow the thought of your growth to empower you to keep going! Give yourself some extra love before you do anything else.

Use Protection symbols tattoo or chains to protect your energy and let you become aware of your energy protection and purpose of life.

Depending on how much you push yourself through, you could begin to experience feelings of momentary doubt, unexplainable mood swings, fatigue, and the strong desire to be in solitude more often than usual. Your release symptoms may be on the other end of the spectrum, and you may feel other types of personal regression, where your old thoughts, habits, and/or emotions feel like they are all coming back to get you. For some, however, you may not feel any different right away. Understand whatever you experience is a part of your own natural releasing process. Whatever happens, honor yourself.

In order for the cycles that we have previously experienced to come to an end, we must face them once again as they are coming up and out of us. It is important to stay true to your “letting go” by not allowing anything to make you feel like you have not truly released. Any type of spiritual work requires a consciousness of self-transformation. Knowing that everything you are going through is temporary, and for the greater good is sometimes your saving grace.

Go with the changes, and do not resist them.

Remember that releasing clears the way for any growth that must take place in your journey. Growing is work, and work requires a balance of rest and nourishment. Do not neglect your needs during this time. Trust that you are not going crazy, even if it can feel this way at times. Know that through your darkness, there is expansion, a lesson, and a light at the other end.

Your interests may begin to change.

This a sign that what you have released, is seeing itself out. You may begin to explore new things, new habits, and new relationships. This could even be like a trying-on phase, as your body adjusts to your growing spirit. Allow yourself to explore whatever your soul calls you to.

Do something different. Your daily routine does not have to change drastically, if you don’t want it to, but there are small things that can be done to ease the transition of letting something go for good. For example, if you are letting a food/eating habit go, then you might eat at a different time, or you might do a detox.

Rest your body While everyone’s experience will be unique, one thing that we all must do is rest. Not overworking your body will allow you to remain grounded and clear. Rest in this instance means listening to yourself when you feel tired. It means choosing to stay, instead of always going. Not only does this allow us to strengthen our intuition, but it also enables us to honor the work that we are doing for ourselves. Sleep is not the same as rest, but it is an important way to get rest. When we sleep, our body recovers and heals itself. Sleep can also feel out of the question, as insomnia could be another one of those post-release symptoms. This is when the self-regulating techniques like meditation become more necessary. Doing whatever gets the body to a restful state (of course, in a healthy way), even if sleep does not come easy, is critical during this shift. We even receive encouragement and clarity when we are in our dream-state.

Create your morning affirmations to carry you through. Building your mental stamina goes hand in hand with building your spiritual stamina. Our thoughts can either swallow us, or we can choose to change them to match the frequency that we would like to be on. Instead of saying thing like, “I don’t know what’s happening to me,” or “I feel like I can’t do this anymore,” you can say, “I understand why this is happening,” “I know that this is a part of my healing and release.” Affirming what you wish, and know to be true, instead of creating space for self-pity or further confusion adds a cushion to the releasing process. Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel, but do not allow those feelings to defeat your progress. You know why this is happening, and you know that it is all for a divine reason.

Finally, you will begin to feel lighter. A moment of relief. Allow this moment to carry you and enjoy it to the fullest! As you navigate your shadows during your soul growth, you will literally see and feel the difference within yourself. This is the ultimate sign of your successful release. You have endured moments of pain and uncertainty through your letting go, and now your new equilibrium is here.

This is where you soak up the gratitude, and trust that everything is done.

Honor yourself, again. You have decided to become better, not for anyone or anything else, but for yourself. You understand that this self-work will bring you to a new place, opening the way for your true alignment. This is huge! This is self-healing.  This is release! You have been gentle with yourself, and you have seen yourself through a vast growth process. Now, your alignment will open the way for new opportunities, new ideas, new relationships, and a new level of comfort within. Send a thanks to everyone and everything that has been your teacher and keep moving along your open path.

How exciting is it to know that we possess a power to change ourselves and our circumstances for the better? This is the foundation of a true release. Now, go, shine your new-found light, and open yourself up for all that you are worthy of!

Peace & Release,

Thank You



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