I love to do things that stretch me out of my personal comfort zones. I have been doing that a lot lately. Being a successful entrepreneur and business owner means, you have to step up and step out! You can’t rest in your comfort zones.

It is great when you can find something that is FUN and helps you professionally and personally grow. I was looking for that perfect opportunity to do just that. Within 24 hours, I had found it. Talk about the Divine at work.

Welcome to “Lessons from the Improv.”

The idea of taking an improvisational comedy class was something that I thought about doing for years. I took my first class this week. I had to share some of my favorite lessons as they related to personal and business success.

1. “Be prepared for the Curve Ball” - Certain Improvisational games really showcase one’s response to something that catches them off guard and disrupts their plans. During Improv you can’t force ideas to happen by sticking too closely to a predetermined plan.

Whether it relates to improv or business, a new idea might be the perfect opportunity for something even better that literally can take on a life of its own. Maybe it is time for a change. This might be the perfect time for you to say good-bye to the old and hello to the new YOU!

2. “Shutting the Door Blocks the Flow” - I loved when the Improv instructor told us when you say “No”, “I can’t” or “I don’t know how” you are literally shutting the door on the scene and there is no where else to go. I hear people say those phrases all the time. It basically stops them in their tracks.

Keep the ideas flowing by replacing those negative words with thoughts that empower you. Instead of saying, “I don’t know,” tell yourself “I will figure it out.” As a result, you will create an endless supply of new ideas and get yourself back in the flow.

3. “The Teacher and Student” - Have you heard the saying “When the student is ready the teacher appears?” I had all these preconceived ideas of what the Improv class and instructor would be like. Boy, I was totally wrong. The teacher was just hired to take over the Improv class and this was his first night. At first, he was super nervous and his energy was all over the place.

As someone who is really organized and totally prepared for all my speaking events, I had to completely let go of control. I wasn’t there to critique his speaking abilities; I was there to learn from him. As a result, I ended up having a blast as I embraced the opportunity to stretch myself. I had to get out of my own way in order to see the incredible improv gifts that he had to share.

Where are your greatest teachers? Not sure? You might want to take a closer look at your personal and professional challenges. Those situations that often bother us the most are the places we can grow the most. Plus, they often provide us with many unexpected gifts.

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AmondaRose Igoe specializes in helping business owners, coaches, authors, healers, leaders and entrepreneurs master and utilize the power of public speaking to grow their business quickly and help more people now.

AmondaRose is the author of "Pain-Free Public Speaking", a contributing author in the number #1 Best Selling book series "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and was a Featured Expert on the FOX 4 Television Station.