Lesson 16 Interpretations – Ego or Insight - The Course In Miracles Lesson 16 discusses many aspects of our thoughts, be they idle, positive, negative, neutral, and the effects and importance our thoughts have upon the world. What follows is a personal application of a global lesson in The Course in Miracles.

The first time I read the lessons, I had no insight as to their meanings. I didn't make applications of the lessons to my life. My reading was pure learning of the information.

This time, ten years later, when again I began with Lesson 1, examples came to mind, examples of the lessons as they applied to me personally.

In the first instance the insight was positive to my feeling of well being. I searched my mind to ascertain if the lesson conclusion was ego made, and therefore perhaps self-serving. I wasn’t sure. However, the newfound application brought me joy and emotional comfort, so, I said, “Thank you,” and went on to the next lesson.

The following week, the incident was less comforting. The insight addressed a very basic component of my personality, and if accepted as true, it required change on my part. I classified it as a reluctant epiphany. Not the kind where you jump up and shout, “Aha-ha!,” but more like “Oh, my!.” I wanted to dig deeper into my soul for guidance, but I wasn't sure how to accomplish my wish.

Based on a conversation with a very dear friend, a fellow Course In Miracles advanced student, I decided to take some quiet time and ask for clarity of thinking.

In an internal conversation, I addressed the Universe, first by admitting my shortcomings, and second, by explaining that I was completely open to discovering the truth about my spiritual path and myself. I acknowledged that changes were necessary in my life and I wanted to make them. I asked for guidance in knowing which suggestions for change represented the higher truth and which suggestions were simply my ego taking over.

My hope is that, as I become more spiritually awake, I can easily determine which revelation comes from spirit and which comes from ego. Today, the only guide I have is an intuitive quick sense of right or wrong, and the sincere hope that I will choose correctly. Of course, I don’t desire to follow ego driven lack-of-awareness.

To more specifically address today’s insight, I will explain more. Within relationships, I relied on a Freudian based classification of ambivalence. I applied this label to my orientation to my parents. Unfortunately, earned or unearned, my feeling for both my parents was one of ambivalence, one of love and hate.

Generally speaking, I felt that to be ambivalent was a logical point of view. Experience tells us that, parents will love their children but they also deny them, when necessary, and in a child’s mind, denial translates to dislike.

Although my parents showed love toward me, as people they had personal flaws that disappointed me. I couldn’t forgive their imperfections. As a child and as a young adult, I didn’t treat them kindly. I deeply regret my actions.

Other relationships, although not as often, created ambivalent feelings within me. I can’t change the past relationship with my parents, but I can change my current relationships if I choose.

The lesson, that brought all this to mind, addresses Neutral Thoughts, Lesson 16. The Course states that there are no neutral thoughts, only positive and negative. Every thought you have brings love or fear. If we classify ambivalent thoughts as neutral, the Course would have us rename them as negative. If I must give up my on the fence” position to maintain positive energy toward others, then I will. I can change.

Insights can lead us to living joyous loving lives, while we help each other by bringing positive energy into the Universe. My hope is that sharing Lesson 16, and how it impacted me, might help you in some way.

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