A lot of people have to ship products to different countries and these are not just traders and manufactures but common people too. With the leaps and bounds in technology and globalization, there has been a drastic enhancement in communication and this has led to transfer of not just ideologies and principles but also tangible products from one end of the world to the other and who makes it possible are the International shipping companies.

It is because of these international shipping companies that cargos worth millions of dollars are being transported to different countries, even those which do not lie in close approximation with USA. So how doe son establish if a particular company is as reliable as they boast of? Shipping is quite risky and a lot of companies can engage in fraudulent activities, in order to be on the safe side you must get hold of all the proper documentations, which will support your case in case of any defaulting by the company.

Another way to check for the authenticity of international shipping companies is by their track record; a fraud company will never have satisfied customers and will also not be able to function for more than a year, if at all they can stretch so far. Do your bit of research and opt for a company only if you have positive review and you are satisfied by their claims, which appear to be genuine.

You must also be completely aware of the shipping policies of the country the cargo is shipped from and the country it will be shipped to, this will prevent the company from charging unfair amount of freight. If possible try to also find out about the different route the ship is likely to take in order to get a good idea of the route and the cost.

South America is quite a popular shipping destination and people regularly opt for Shipping to Peru from USA, here again it is a must to be aware of what rules and regulation Peru follows in order for your cargo to be shipped properly. A lot of times Peru might not allow certain cargo to be shipped to the country, this could be because of government norms and if you do ship something that is against the regulation, chances are it will never reach Peru. International shipping companies would themselves tell you about the hazards of shipping it to Peru.

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So, if you are thinking about International Shipping Companies and shipping to Paraguay from USA, be sure to be aware of the rules and the route. In case of container shipping, ensure that the container you have opted for is the correct one and can safely carry the cargo. Another consideration while Shipping to Paraguay from USA is that the custom rules of Paraguay is pretty stringent and you must at all times be aware of what the federal law allows and what it does not as any wrong step can even lead to a brush with the authorities.