On the seventh day, God rested. This is why many use Sunday to take a break, worship Him, and rest a bit. Some worry that it can feel slothful to relax for a whole day once a week, but it's an important part of being your best selves for the people who rely on you as well as for Him. Here are some tips on self-care that come straight from the scriptures so that you can get more out of your day of rest.

Humans Have Limits

You are confined to a human body that includes human limits. However, many attempt to take on a superhuman amount of work. Taking on too much work without relaxing a bit during the week can cause anyone to burn out. In this state, a person will not be able to do the things they were put on this earth to do. A little bit of worship and relaxation on Sunday can help a person reset and regain energy for the upcoming week.

Your Body Is a Temple

Your body is your vessel through this worldly experience. You need to take care of it. Doing too much can actually hurt your muscles and your mental capacities. Part of self-care is letting your body relax at times. While relaxing your body, use that time to celebrate your Lord and your family who both love you very much.

Taking Time for Yourself Is Okay

Some people feel guilty after taking some time for themselves. However, the Bible actually says it's okay. You have a lot of responsibilities throughout the week. Therefore, when you eat or drink on your day of rest, it's for the glory of God. The Bible explains that God rested on the seventh day, but what that means for each person may differ. The choice of how you rest on the seventh day is up to you.

This may be a day you reserve for family. You may prefer quiet activities and a peaceful atmosphere. Alternatively, this might be the day you have to meet with friends and catch up over brunch. Or, it might simply be a day that you use to immerse yourself in the scriptures, prayer, and His teachings.

Spiritual Development Is Self-Care

The Bible says that God rested on the seventh day, but how did God "rest"? There is a difference between being lazy and resting. Taking time out on Sunday to pray and worship is in itself an act of self-care. When you take time to contemplate your blessings and the beautiful world you live in, you will find a closer connection to God. Your connection to God is a way to gain internal peace. This will help you maintain a positive disposition throughout the rest of your week. The difficult decisions that come your way will also become easier with God to help guide you.

Self-care is required to take care of the body and mind that God gave you while you are here on earth. It's also okay to take time for yourself or pamper yourself on occasion.

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