Today a person with poor English is characterised as an illiterate man. It has by far become the most spoken language worldwide. Most of the time every work related conversation in oral or written form is done in it. It has International standard so its importance cannot be denied and ignored. One of the major reasons why one cannot afford to have a poor English is because of its widespread use in the field of education, today maximum schools , colleges , universities use it as the medium of communication. By joining some short term vocational course one can learn speaking English at an advanced level. There are different courses for it which will not only improve your English but also your career prospects and is not very difficult language to learn and a short term course is more than enough for improvement. Interestingly an English speaker is offered the world’s biggest vocabulary of any language. There are many reasons to why one should improve command over the language , firstly is to sound more educated and literate , secondly is to be able to express thoughts and feelings using good communication skills and thirdly because of career advancement. Proper speaking skills instantly marks you out as a highly educated person whose views and opinions are to be taken seriously.

Any vocational course includes classroom instructions , small group discussions , language labs and out of the class work. Before joining any English speaking classes you must ensure that it meets accepted minimum standards. It is also important to know the academic standing of the institute and the faculty who will be teaching you. Most programs have levels starting from basic level for people who have never studied it to advanced level for people who are joining the course to refine their skills. The curriculum is designed to improve a student’s understanding and use of the language in writing , reading , speaking , listening.

A short term English speaking course is a good option as it is a part time course and can be easily managed. Nowadays many institutes offer short term learning and improving courses. Many people today maximize their time utilisation on weekends and holidays by getting enrolled in such courses just to improve their communication skills or to learn new words , develop confidence , speech delivering capabilities and interview skills. The key is to be vigilant and hardworking and by the end of the course you will be able to speak English.

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