Okay, so I’ll assume that you checked out SEO Quake and downloaded the toolbar. I will also assume that you have gone to Addurl.nu and seen how it is set up. Basically, it is a huge list of backlink directories that you can connect your site too. It is great, a one stop shop type situation. They have it broken up into paid, and free directories. If you can afford it, do the paid ones. As they are very good Page Ranks of 4 - 9. The higher a sites page ranks that you connect too, the more traffic, and better ranking you are going to receive from Google, and the other search engines. Alright, now you will want to create what I like to call your backlink copy and paste page. In a nut shell, so you do not spend every hour just submitting your site info to back link directories, you will be copy and pasting the information.

It should contain this basic list of information about your site.

1). Website URL
2). Website Name
3). Your Full Name
4). A 150 - 250 keyword driven description about what your site is (Large)
5). A 30 - 100 keyword driven description about what your site is (Small)
6). A list of keywords for your site
7). A Meta Description of your site.

Now when you click on one of directories you will see a list of categories that your site might fit into. Mine is a business blog, so I would click business. The another set of subcategories comes up. I would choose marketing and advertising. Then that is usually it for me. Basically, you want to keep “drilling down” until you have found the perfect category that fits your website. This is important….make sure you put your site in the correct category, or it will be denied!!! These are human edited directories, they are not run by automation, or computers. Okay, so one you have found the right category, find the button that says, Submit URL, Submit Link, Suggest URL, Suggest Link. They will be different on every site, but usually are one of those four button titles. You will get used to doing this while you are learning backlinks .

Alright then a screen come up where you will put that information I told you to put on a separate word doc, or notepad before. You simply copy and paste each information into each proper box section. The many sure you fill out the captcha code, and check mark the agree term box, and that’s it! Just get in to a rhythm of doing about 50 of these backlink submissions per week, and you will be well on your way to spreading the word about your site to the world, and search engines. Make sure you do backlinking, it is a very important part of SEO and marketing online. I hope this helps you guys in learning backlinks .

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