Okay, most of you have probably heard of these things, but there are always others who have not, so this is for you guys. Backlinks are a way of search engine optimization that can help customers find your web site, and search engine spider bots to locate, and classify your website as well. In a nut shell, they are “outside” links to your site and the more you have, the more traffic you will get. Now here is the important part. If you do backlinks correctly, they can bring you a massive amount of the correct kind of traffic. What do I mean by that? I mean the kind of traffic who are looking to buy your particular type of product.

Now there are a hundred different theories on how you can go about accomplishing this task. I’ll be honest I do not know them all, I mean who really does. I will just tell you these ones that are truly important and what I do on a daily bases. Okay, lets start at the beginning. I want you to go to a site called SEO Quake, and download their toolbar. This will show you just how many backlinks you have attached to your site, and the great thing is it also shows you how many links your competition has, and who they are linking too as well! Kind of like a backlink spy program. Do not worry, it is totally legal and public information. Simply download it, and you will see a line of information on every site you click into listed on the top, with your other toolbars.

Okay, now there is a wealth of information on this tool bar, how many links you have with Google, how many links in you have connected to your site from outside websites, your Alexa rank, your Google Page Rank, ect. Always keep an eye on this, basically it is your website’s information how well or bad you are doing. Alright, back to the backlinks, now there are two way you can go about this, start submitting mass links to connect to your site for free. Or pay for high quality backlinks. If you pay for high quality backlinks then you are paying for links to connect to other websites with high Page Ranks, like 4 - 9. Ideally, you want to do this as much as possible. However, it can get expensive. So you will want to find a happy medium when learning backlinks .

Start submitting backlinks for free with Addurl.nu You can either pay someone to do this or do it yourself. Try and get at least 50 links submitted per week. Now this will build up your links over then next several weeks, and months. The more links you have the more exposure you have. Just get into a rhythm of submitting like 10 links ever day if you can. It does not take long, maybe 15 minutes or so. Yes it can be boring, but trust me it is so worth it. Now when you are ready to start submitting your backlinks I’m going to show you exactly what to write and what you actually need to do it in Part 2 tomorrow. So stay tuned to continue your learning backlinks education!

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Hi, I’m Trevor Poulson, expert author and marketer, for more info on learning backlinks check out my site today!