Many people who suffer from depression wonder, "Why am I depressed?" and "What is wrong with me?" With the increase of psychotropic drugs, many people wonder if their problem is biologically based or whether it is the result of the events of their lives. Even when asking professionals about the origin of their depression, people are likely to get many conflicting responses. Some professionals will claim that it is strictly biological and should be treated with medication. While other professionals say that medication is a last resort and may cover up or distort the origin of the problem. No matter what the perceived causes of depression may be, you should learn how to fight depression without medication before your symptoms get worse.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice wherein needles of different lengths are placed a quarter of an inch to an inch deep in the skin at specific points on the body. This is said to desensitize the patient to painful sensations and relieve many conditions including Depression.

Herbal supplements are natural and have few if any side effects. Their use has been around for centuries. For young adult depression treatments as well as adults, specific mood affecting herbs are blended with other nutritive substances including vitamins and minerals to name just a couple of them. Before adding them to your regimen check with you doctor because if you take prescriptive drugs for other conditions the herbs could affect the effectiveness of the prescriptions.

B Vitamins As One Of The Ways On How To Fight Depression Without Medication.
The most compounding benefits of B vitamins are that they eradicate the symptoms of depression and stress. Also, this group of vitamins can boost your metabolism; encourage healthy skin and hair as well as better muscle tone.

Vitamin B9 is known to be crucial for building blocks of cells and is important in the activities of the brain. It is a main component for creating RNA and DNA and produces essential neurotransmitters to convey messages to different part of the brain. This allows the sufferers to have a clearer mental focus and ability to tackle problems from different perspectives instead of engaging in a 'Fight or Flight' mood.

Vitamin B6, 12 along with niacin are vital in calming your nervous system and relief your anxiety levels. Vitamin B6 can be found in fish such as tuna, cod, red snapper and greens like spinach, garlic, cauliflower and celery. All these foods should be lightly steamed to absorb the maximum amount of natural goodness. Be aware as deficiencies from B vitamins could result in blurred vision, decreased appetite, fatigue and memory loss. The best part is that B vitamins are available in ever-read soluble supplement pills.

You should also learn meditation as one of the ways on how to fight depression without medication. The natural method shows you how to relax your muscles in order to relieve tension in your entire body. This method has been around for more than 50 years. When you are in a depressed state of mind, it affects your relationship with those who are close to you - by relaxing your muscles, it helps to relieve the tension and thus your mind becomes clear and focused and you will be able to relate better to those around you.

By using this method of relaxation, your muscles are tightened, and to reach your goal, you need to practice. As your body gets less tense, your mind improves and you will be able to focus and concentrate and you will find that you are less stressed out and anxious. You could go for classes, or go on the internet - also watch TV and get as many tips as you can. If you need therapy, the combination of the two will do wonders for your state of mind while improving your bodily functions.

A very important feature of this natural method is the fact that it must be done on a regular basis and not in fits and starts if it is to be helpful. A daily program should be inculcated and should be kept up. Along with this program, you can add other things like meditation, which is known to clear your mind and fill it with peaceful and soothing thoughts. This will help you to relax. Also another form of relaxation is yoga, which is also good for the body and mind, as it soothes you, takes the stress out of your system and helps you to focus on positive thoughts.

Regular practice is the key, and this can help anyone, not necessarily only those who are suffering from depression. So, go ahead and get a start on your goal towards a positive and stress free life.

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