I’m sure you can speak English fluently. Your mother tongue -- some great, some have skills good enough to order food. Dialects speakers -- maybe just a handful. But picking up a third language sounds like a challenge.

No, I’m not talking about learning the popular languages like Korean, French, or Spanish although they come in useful during vacation trips to those countries and impressing your peers.

I’m talking about speaking tongue-curling Tamil.

In this article, I’ll share with you why you should starting picking Tamil up as soon as you can, a few simple Tamil to help you start, and 3 tips on learning it fast.

Why Should You Learn Tamil

Attractive Business Prospects in India’s Market

India’s economy has been increasing over the years. This year, 2020, it is forecasted that India will reach $3.202 trillion GDP and a purchasing power parity (PPP) of $12.363 trillion. To put their growth into perspective, their economy is the fastest in the world, superseding China.

Their agriculture sector contributes greatly to their exports, going up to $38.5 billion in 2019. Construction, real estate, and textiles also significantly boost up their overall GDP.

And all that is just a glimpse of their potential. Amazon is already in the works of partnering with India. Just imagine what their eCommerce marketplace would be like.

India also has free trade agreements with several countries, including Singapore which is an ideal country to do business with.

If this proves anything, it would be that we should pay a little more attention to India’s booming marketplace.

Although there are 22 official languages spoken in India, you can just start with one. Tamil -- the most common Indian language used in Singapore.

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