Several years ago, I was going to teach the English language aboard, but at last I choose to teach English language online. This is because that when I was going to search some schools of the USA, I found that these schools would like engage some native American English teachers. I am not a native American teacher, so at last I choose to teach the English online which can provide me with larger platform for my career in my opinion.

Nowadays language is very important for everyone, because it becomes more and more useful. I am a English teacher but I know that not only English is very important in the world, but also other languages are also very important in the world too. For example, there are many big French companies opened in the USA, so there is a need of many French workers who can speak French well. Due to the fact that many people are learning French right now, they are eager to find out a good learning method to improve their learning speed. Many language software are showed in the marketing, many are very popular among the people groups. For example, Rosetta Stone French is a wonderful one which designed with many high-technology programs, so it has more learning assistant functions than other language software. Every people can make use of this kind of language software to learn their favorite language, not only Rosetta Stone French can be chosen, but also Rosetta Stone English can be chosen too. And at the same time, you can choose different software version according to your language level as well as your preference.

The same as the other languages, English also has many different dialects which are main spoken by different people groups. So why are the American schools prefer to engage so many native language teachers? What special advantages does the American English have? I think one of the important reason is that the USA is considered the most important business country in the world.

So how to learn American English well? In my opinion, you just need to recognize the differences between the English language as well as the American language. For example, the structure as well as the grammar of both two languages are the same, other aspects such as the pronunciations as well as the accents are a little different. So if only you can pay more attention to these aspects, you will learn it much more easy. In this part, Rosetta Stone English will be your best assistant which can show you the whole language environment with word-picture integration.

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