Istanbul walking tours are considered as great ways to explore the history and art and architecture of the city. One can learn about these free walking tour istanbul conducted to help the tourists explore mosques, tombs, bazaars and baths, among other sites located in Istanbul.

Istanbul transfers facilities are the good ways to move around the city. Apart from that, one can think of having a distinguished experience by participating in the popular walking tours arranged for the tourists to get around the city on foot. Here are the most important sites that one can cover using the walking tours in the city.

Blue Mosque Tour

One of the famous walking tours in Istanbul covers the Blue Mosque area of the city. Those interested in exploring the city's association with history of Romans, Ottomans, Byzantines and other dynasties can participate in the tour. You can walk around the sites, including Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet Prison, House of Emperor Justinian, wooden Turkish houses and so on.

Tour around Galata

Galata Tower tour is another walking trip in the city that attracts most of the visitors to the city. One can get to explore various Jewish heritage sites in the area with the help of these tours. Jewish Museum, Georgian Synagogue, Ashkenaz Synagogue and many other similar spots can appear on the way of the tourists opting for these tours.

Divan Yolu Walking Tour

Choose the walking tour on Divan Yolu, the historical road associated with ancient times, and you can find sites like mosques, various tombs of the sultans, Turkish baths, Beyazit Square, the Column of Constantine and so on. It is definitely a unique experience of enjoying Istanbul sightseeing.

Grand Bazaar Tour

Another exciting walking tour in Istanbul consists of exploring the marketplaces of the city. From Grand Bazaar to the Spice Bazaar of the city, one can consider it a tour worth participating in. One bonus attraction of this tour can be the visit to the Golden Horn, a magnificent site for every tourist to visit.

In order to learn about the schedule and other details of these tours, one can take help of online travel guides. You can also ask your trip organizing agency to make arrangement for your participation in these tours.

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