Is the future of leaflet printing and design in trouble or about to open up into a more creative environment where obsession with the technical processes are replaced with the importance of the creative idea. With the business world evolving into a more dynamic and challenging place the need for design agencies to become more adaptable and efficient in print management and graphic design has increased. The print and design services of the traditional design agency set up incurs too many overheads to supply a print service that truly revolves around the marketing and promotional business needs of its clients.
The future print and design companies that can provide a selection of the most efficient online printing services at a competitive price but offer the skill and ideas of the best graphic designers would be ideal for the challenge of the modern day business world. The advance of innovative design software that is now available and the development of digital print evolving to such a level to rival the quality of the traditional printing press means that a graphic designer can compete on the most important factor in the design agency offering - their design flair.
No longer will design agencies be compared on the more technical, mechanical processes such as how cheap print can be sourced because due to the availability of good, cheap printers, the costs of the printing end of the process are comparable. Now graphic designers can compete on the content of their design ideas and creative skills. Leaflet printing and design for businesses of all sizes can be achieved with more emphasis on the promotional message and marketing objectives rather than worrying on the price of the print job.
What is a flyer or leaflet good for if it doesn't communicate the quality and innovation of the business or individual it promotes. The graphic designs at are a great example of where a design agency concentrates on its key strength - its graphic design concepts. Rather than trying to compete in offering cheap print at pence cheaper that everybody else they excel in providing leaflet design and printing ideas to rival anybody in the market. For example, there are a plethora of UK printing companies that offer "free business cards" or business cards, leaflets, flyers etc for ridiculously cheap prices but these online design and printing companies are focussing too much on shaving pennies off printing rather than providing excellent design ideas and concepts. It will be important for the future of leaflet design and printing companies not to over obsess on the leaflet printing process and cost but to compete on the quality of their graphic design.

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marketing coordinator and designer