Regardless of what you think, you need to be a leader. That means everyone: solopreneurs and employees, too. And no matter what stage you find your business in, start thinking of yourself as a leader if you want to see increased profits.

Each of you is a 'leader of self;' the leader of your position or your business. You have a slew of people you impact daily for which you may not be taking credit and you need to.


Because how you feel and what you think speak louder than words. Your thoughts generate emotions. Emotions generate vibration. And vibration dictates what happens in your reality every single nanosecond.

This means that how you feel creates:

Disagreement within your team
• Contractors who don't perform
• Potential clients who say "no thank you" (even when you think it's an ideal match)
Family and friends telling you you're doing it wrong
• Rising or declining profits
• Which marketing strategies work and which ones bomb

Most people say actions speak louder than words. But actually, vibration speaks louder than words or actions!

When you think your products or services are second to none, and you value your role as a businessperson, people will flock to purchase your goods. It won't matter if you have a snazzy website, amazing systems, or a savvy pricing strategy. Nothing matters more than how you feel about what you're offering.

Recently, I've had several conversations with someone I'm contracting with who said my project would be done 'soon'. The project has dragged out for months longer than necessary. I nicely try to nudge the project forward, but nothing happens. My feelings then become extraordinarily negative. I'm screaming to myself, "Why is this taking so long?!" Argh! [I'm omitting the expletives.]

And guess what? It keeps dragging out l-o-n-g-e-r.

Here's the part of the story that proves my point about vibration dictating everything. The first half of the project went great. I got everything I wanted. And then we hit a snag in technology and everything became urgent on my side. Ever since then it's been amazing how things have come to a standstill … for months.

Abraham-Hicks often says, "Somebody should do something about that!" And we say, you're right; somebody should do something about that. But the only person who can do something about that is you — because you are the only one who can adjust your vibration. You are the only one who can choose the dominant vibration that feels good."

One of the productive things you can do is to stop worrying about what so-and-so says about running a business. Stop hiding in the shadow of doubt about your expertise as an external leader, marketer or creator of new products and services.

Be most concerned with how you are leading your business by what you believe and feel. You know you're headed down the right path if it's feeling fun and "almost too easy". That's how it's supposed to feel when you're in the profit zone!

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Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs, corporate leaders & their teams to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. An entrepreneur for 25 years she has a treasure trove of kick-butt tools to give you peace & profits. Get your complimentary audio “Transforming from Chaotic Entrepreneur to Conscious Leader” here:
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