Successful network marketers such as Alan Kippax are the ones who know the best lead generation strategies. The reason why some marketers fall behind the network marketing game is that they just go on marketing attacks without really planning their strategies. We will use Alan Kippax BIM (Business in Motion) and the highly successful Homerun International (HRI) as an example when discussing the best lead generation ideas needed to become a top networker.

What Is Alan Kippax BIM?

The Business in Motion of Alan Kippax is his first attempt to build a distributorship company with the touch of technology. Kippax decided to make use of technology to safeguard his company, distributors, and members from all the corrupt and ill-intended distributors. He realized that a promising company would still fail no matter how successful it may become. This is if there is no smart system in place to prevent thief.

Alan Kippax BIM had so much potential; his new company was very successful again as the other previous companies that Alan Kippax owned. However, in this company, BIM, no one could steal from it like what happened in his previous companies. All distributors received their products, unlike what happened to some of the distributors of his past companies! With the theft issue removed, the company flourished and established the same great success as its predecessor! However, BIM was put on hold and eventually closed four years later due to an unfortunate car accident. A tragic car accident, in which Alan was not directly involved, paralyzed him as BIM’s head.

The lesson he learned was to combine network marketing and the Internet for the benefit of future MLM business ventures. His ability to solve these kinds of problems have HRI poised for fast growth and incredible success.

Lead Generation Strategies

So how do we incorporate the lead generation strategies used by Kippax at Alan Kippax BIM and his other previous MLM endeavors? Strategies, which are playing a role in making him a top distributor and network marketer at Homerun International.

Check the list below:

1. Create a website or a social media page

By doing this, you can reach potential recruits and downline distributors all over the world. You will not be limited to the people in your area or the people you know. Additionally, this makes you look more professional with expertise in what you are doing.

2. Creating an email list

Never forget to secure email addresses from potential customers. You can require them to sign up to your email list when they visit your website. This will give you the opportunity to send follow-up emails filled with necessary marketing information about the company and how the system works. Avoid spamming. It is never good to send too many email messages. If you do so, some people would probably be unsubscribing.

3. Write and share relevant blog articles

Do not just focus on signing up people to join the company. Rather, focus on educating them how much potential income and how great the opportunity is in this industry. You can do this by sharing fun-to-read blog articles that can open up a person’s mind to the beauty of network marketing. Network marketing companies such as HRI to be specific, the company built on Allan Kippax BIM learnings.

4. Develop personal connections

Do not be like other marketers who would just contact their group members and potential recruits, when they would want to talk about business matters. In networking, Allan Kippax believes that you have to win the trust of people. This way they feel comfortable to open up to you and will trust you and your business vision better. By learning about their lives and interests, you can get a better idea of how to market to their preferences.

Try using these strategies and see how your network grows in HRI. With the smart lead generation strategies that started at Alan Kippax BIM, you can have all the success you desire from your network marketing business.

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