If there’s one thing that le hommie is known for today, it’s that he has already mastered the art of pushing tracks into popularity.

Indeed, he has become a strong force in the industry. To put it simply, he’s played a role in the success of rising acts.

Le hommie is taking things up to the next level as he continuously grows his brand, working with new artists daily and owning his space as a force to be reckoned with.

While his story illustrates an incredible success, he shares his journey of how he got to where he is now.

Although Le hommie is a product of two respected and successful creatives, he chose to forge a name of his own in the music industry.

However, being born from a family of creatives, he developed an incredible ear for great music and has since then been looking for talent never heard before and making sure their career blooms. This is how his path to becoming the le hommie we know now began.

“Growing up in the industry definitely prepared me for what I do today. It allowed me to Gain a lot of connections and knowledge at which I base a lot of my work off to this day,” shares le hommie.

Suffice to say, Le hommie is going to change the world, and he’s starting now.

Follow Le hommie on Instagram at @Le_hommie and connect with him on spotify.

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