What would you do if you could make an extra $100 per month? What about an extra $1000 per month? It is entirely possible to make that much and a whole lot more with affiliate marketing and Jeff Dedrick and John Hostler's new Lazy Affiliate Riches, which will show you how to do it. This is truly the closest to making money by clicking buttons or copying and pasting that I have ever seen.

Everyone who has tried to make money online with affiliate marketing knows that it's not as simple as sales letters want you to believe. There are a lot of different ways to make affiliate money and often times it takes a lot of time, energy, and money to even get started. Well, that's about to change. You are about to discover the "Lazy" way to make affiliate sales.

What if you could buy software that could build you multiple lists, market to those lists, and make money from every email that is sent to your subscribers, and do this all on autopilot within minutes...would you be interested in learning more?

Well, I just had a look inside Lazy Affiliate Riches and I'm shocked at what is waiting for people in the member's area. There is software and tools specifically designed for affiliates to make more affiliate sales easily and quickly. Members receive pre-made list building machines that are already live on the web that will build your list and even market hands free to your lists automatically. You can make money on every email that your system automatically sends out. You even have the option to control the lists yourself, add a bunch of automated viral tools to all your pages, and make money from a variety of other components that can be added as easily as clicking buttons and copying and pasting.

There is even software that will drive hands free traffic to your new list building machines and to your products you are promoting. There is more software that allows members to turn their current websites and blogs into affiliate sales and list building machines.

One of the upgrades for members is an automated system that has to be seen to be believed. It allows members to create their very own Facebook pages and fan pages by just copying and pasting some code. It can literally take you seconds to create list building and affiliate sales machines right on your current Facebook page.

The best part is that Jeff and John could have easily charged $1000 or more for this system and even turned it into a monthly membership site, but they decided to only charge a small onetime fee. If you hired someone to create this system for you, it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars, but you can pick it up for pennies on the dollar at the low introductory price when the product launches on May 10th.

Author's Bio: 

I have been dedicating my spare time to checking out as many “Making Money Online” products as I can and sharing the truth about them with you. Honestly, some are great and some are pure crap. I now teach my clients how to spot a good product and profit from it.

My Goal: My goal is to make sure you can at least earn your initial investment back IF you use the product or program as it is laid out by the creator.

Please visit Lazy Affiliate Riches Review to read my full review on the Lazy Affiliate Riches as it Launches May 10th at 11:00AM EST