For many it is a relief to know that there is something like The Law of Attraction. Knowing that the Law of Attraction ("like attracts like") is a universal law and that it works just as reliably as, for example, the Law of Gravity gives you stability in an ever changing world.

You no longer need to fear that life just "happens" to you and that you are a victim of circumstances. The Law of Attraction seems to put some solid ground under your feet - until you start pondering how exactly you can make this law work for your interests. To put it even simpler: what do you have to do that makes the universe yield to your desires?

After having watched the movie "The Secret" many of us said happily "aha" to themselves, "now I know what I have to do. I just think about what I want to attract into my life and then it comes." Unfortunately, however, for many no miraculous change has happened.

The next good idea was to write lists about your desires. Hardly any results. Another good idea was to visualize. Picture in your mind what it is that you want to attract to you. Picture it consistently and see the miracles come to pass. Sad to say, again many failed to see that happen.

The big question is WHY?

"Is the Law of Attraction not working?" "Did I make mistakes with my intending and list writing and visualizing?" "What did I do wrong?"

The answer is simple. The universe does not only respond to your CONSCIOUS thoughts, mental pictures and emotions but also to your UNCONSCIOUS thoughts, mental pictures and emotions.

Does it matter?

It does. The conscious mind processes 2,000 bits of information per second whereas the subconscious mind processes 4 billion bits of information per second. If the conscious mind desires a goal that the subconscious mind disagrees with, guess which of them "wins". You can say affirmations and visualize what you want for hours on end, if at the same time you think at the back of your mind that these great things cannot happen to you - they will not.

So you are powerless after all? You are at the mercy of our own subconscious mind?

Fortunately, you can transform emotions of sadness, anger, fear and guilt. You can change the subconscious programs and beliefs which act like invisible barriers between what you want to experience and what you believe you deserve.

How can you make this happen?

The fastest way is to ask for the help of therapists who offer transformational healing.

You can also start on our own. You can benefit from the greatest force in the universe - love. You can love yourself, as you are, no exceptions. You can love the people in your life, nature surrounding you, everything in your life. Just love. At first, you will find it difficult to love, even yourself. Especially yourself. However, if you have the courage and the perseverance to continue loving yourself and your life, you will see and hear and feel changes in your life, good changes.

As you heal, your subconscious mind becomes brighter, more trusting, more lighthearted. As this happens, by the Law of Attraction, the changes you want start coming into your life.

Author's Bio: 

Brigitte Novalis is an intuitive healer.
She is also the creator of a powerful new healing system, the Multi Level Transformation™ (MLT) System.

Brigitte Novalis is also a Transformational Author. In her books, Brigitte Novalis shares her two gifts: the gift of healing and the gift of writing.

As you read Brigitte Novalis’ ebook “How to Overcome Loneliness”
you learn techniques which will bring friendship and love into your life.

Her gift of healing is infused in her words - as you read, you experience the healing that is embedded in the text. You will feel better: more confident, more optimistic.