Have you ever wondered why, when you ask for what you want, the opposite seems to turn up? Why is that?? And how frustrating is it!!!

Many Law of Attraction teachers will tell you that this is just not possible because the Law of Attraction doesn’t work in reverse. However, I tend to disagree. Kind of!

I do believe that when you are in total vibrational alignment with what you want to attract that you are an irresistible magnet for it, and it literally has no choice but to appear in your life. However, when you focus on what you want, and you are not in vibrational alignment with it yet, the Universe will show you, with no ambiguity, what you need to heal within yourself before it can bring it to you.

You see, you are a magnificent and powerful creator, and the job of the Universe is to obey your command. Unfortunately, it cannot bring to you what you want until you align yourself with it, so it will do whatever it can to help you get in alignment so it can deliver your order.

This means clearing negative belief systems, emotions and programming that is in the way, and the best way for the Universe to show you is to bring it right up in your face. This way you have no choice but to see it loud and clear.

Unfortunately most of us misinterpret this phase of attracting what we want as something that is either wrong with the Law of Attraction, or wrong with us and we just get frustrated and give up. This is so unfortunate because this is in fact the Law of Attraction at work!

This is why The Secret has had such a bad wrap over the past few years and so many people have given up through sheer frustration that nothing seems to be working when in fact it really is.

This is also why I always encourage people to ask for ease and grace when manifesting. You know that saying ‘Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it’? Well, it’s true. If you make sure you are very clear and specific about what you want, and add ‘with ease and grace’ to your petitions, the Universe will be more gentle in its execution. Otherwise, it can be quite brutal in it’s delivery. All it understands is that we want something. It does not make any judgement on how you want it delivered.

Whatever you want in life, more money, success, freedom, fun, happiness, better health, a loving relationship, you absolutely can have it. You just need to take action to get in alignment first, and the Universe will show you exactly what you need to do. You must stay aware and take positive action no matter what turns up in your life.

So, the next time you are focused on something turning up in your life, and seemingly the opposite shows up, remember that, as long as you heal whatever feeling and belief system you have around what you perceive as a negative event, you are moving closer to your goal.

Author's Bio: 

Marguerita is an EFT Life Coach and Sound and Energy Healer who is dedicated to helping others discover more fun and freedom by realizing their infinite potential and living the life of their dreams. For more information and free gifts visit www.healingandabundance.com or www.marguerita.com.au