If you’re not rising you’re dying. What that means is that you’re never in a stagnant condition in life, you’re either rising or moving forward or evolving. Otherwise you’re dying and decaying and heading backwards, you’re spiraling downwards you’re in no way at a constant. 

You must constantly be moving forward, you must always be having a new dream, and you have to constantly be in the course of action of reaching a new target or dream. You must always have a desire out for which you’re achieving. You must always have a new objective a new objective a new wish. You must always be mastering something new and have a realization a new cognition or arrive to a new conclusion. 

You constantly need to be expanding, expanding, expanding or else your dying, atrophying, decaying, stuck. That stuckness will bring you lower and you quit producing and you begin decaying and you start the spiral downwards. If you’re not growing, you are dying.

That notion is so critical and important to your success. All successful folks are constantly moving forward, they are listening to audios, reading publications, heading to events, sharing new concepts with their friends and they do actions to keep themselves in a learning state.

Individuals who are unsuccessful have a lazy mentality or have the mentality of putting things off or holding things off right up until the “time is appropriate”. The time will by no means be appropriate for these folks. Unsuccessful people will always be waiting around for the suitable time till these folks understand that the correct time is really now. 

Successful people get it done now and if you want to be successful you need to have a do it now attitude.

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The LOA Society is a club that helps people achieve their goals and desires.
Our teachings come directly from Kevin Trudeau and The Global Information Network.
Kevin Trudeau is a former 33rd Degree Member of The Brotherhood. Its Membership
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