What if you knew, you absolutely KNEW that your money, your body, your love life, your children, your career, your home, and everything else in your life was absolutely PERFECT - just the way it is right now?!

What if your mind, the present state of life was that everything - exactly as it is right now - without any alteration, or need for any change, was perfect?

That would be the definition of an UNCONDITIONAL LIFE.

Ponder that a second. Unconditional living means that nothing need be different for you to enjoy freedom, joy, peace, abundance and fulfillment. What a concept. If you need the support of a Law of Attraction Coach, by all means go get support! Having an unbiased listener to talk to can help you move off old patterns much faster.

Oftentimes, we as deliberate creators want to know what's in the way of manifesting our desires. I know I find myself in that place from time to time. Life gets busy and I sometimes forget to carry my dominant intention - to feel good - around with me all day. Stuff happens, for example, an unpleasant interchange with a colleague, and I get on my high horse for awhile about how it shouldn't be that way. You can attract perfect Law of Attraction Relationships when you free yourself from fear and bondage.

Of course, I know that's in opposition to what I want - to feel good. But every now and again, my Ego wants to take front and center. And it does - but not for long.

I remember to embrace what's happening for all that it is. Take a look in the mirror, remove any judgment from the event, person or myself. Then let it go. I embrace what is, no matter what it looks like.

Remember the work is to be in alignment with what you WANT. We all want to know what our particular blocks are to having what we want. But focusing on what's blocking you and having what you want is in direct opposition to the Law of Attraction. That is, you only want to look for what's in the way, so that you can soothe yourself, pivot off that and start moving downstream in the direction of what it feels like to have what you DO want. Start empowering yourself right now and experience Law of Attraction Love.

Consider what it would be like if you were able to manifest what you wanted, if you weren't in the ALLOWING mode. Then you'd have no idea how you were getting what you were getting. You wouldn't understand your unique emotional guidance system. You wouldn't know how to model and replicate creating and manifesting. It would be the Law of Variability - there'd be no consistency and that's no law at all.

The Law of Attraction keeps things stable and constant with no variances involved. The key idea to understand is that a Universal Law is constant under all circumstance. If you need more basic information on the Law of Attraction, read my other articles on the basics. We'll be continuing this conversation in Part Two of this series.

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