So now you are feeling expectant, feeling good, and anticipating money coming in. At this point, you're in the RECEIVING mode. As Jesus taught, ASK, understanding you will get it, and you will RECEIVE. That is the receptive or allowing mode. I also speak of this kind of ecstatic anticipation as being aligned with your wants or finding a vibrational match.

Let us talk a bit more about how to clarify what you want. The moment I say “Ask for something you want in financial wealth”, I'm saying you should write down precisely what you desire. You state something you desire in a notebook and start imagining AS IF it is already a reality. Clarifying what you desire begins by voicing your desire without keeping the contradicting energy. Without adding any negative self-talk, fretting about your time-line, worrying about what you do not like about how it is NOW. If you need the support of a Law of Attraction Coach, by all means get support! Using an unbiased listener to talk to can help you move off old patterns much more quickly.

Humans operate in a Universe that is made of energy – all of us and everything in the Universe is made of this same energy. Stating a want and coming into alignment with your desire as stated previously, starts to signal the Universe that you are a match to your want and it'll start matching whatever you're sending out. This is the process by which the Law of Attraction brings you what you desire. The essence of what is similar to itself is receptive or drawn. You can create your own Law of Attraction Love right now and increase your level of positive potential!

Every one of us has been taught to be objective, to face facts, to apply meaning to what is happening in our day to day life. We are instructed to use all of this information as a course of navigating through our daily lives. However, looking at what is not functioning well and attempting to create from the mindset of lack is an extremely flawed platform for creation. Simply focus on what is not functioning as a way of clarifying your desires. Empowering yourself with the Law of Attraction is hugely helpful for Relationships Attraction, and is not hard to understand.

Attempt creating another way. Challenge your intellect to clarify your want and then engage the imagination to pull it to you.

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