Law of attraction and money go hand in hand. These two concepts are like good friends that just can't seem to leave each other behind. Whether that is a good thing or not depends on the kind of thinking you have.

To learn more about how the law of attraction and money work together, read on.

Why Not Money?

The law of the universe doesn't exactly have a moral compass. It doesn't choose to work for you because you are a good person or because what you're asking for is world peace. It works for you because you asked for something and it's in the universe's nature to process your request.

Using the law of the universe to get more money is perfectly normal. So don't feel guilty when you use it for that very reason. Feeling guilty will only keep you from achieving your goal.

For Better or For Worse

That's the thing about the law of attraction and money. You can't keep the two apart for long. For better or for worse, these two are bound to stick together.

For better: You can easily attract money into your life using the law of the universe provided that you leave no room for doubt.

For worse: Even if you want to attract money into your life, it won't give you money if your mind is too preoccupied with thoughts of not having enough money in the first place.

Learn how to use the law of attraction properly and your relationship with both it and money will be a harmonious one.

Feel the Abundance

Law of attraction and money work together in mysterious ways. To attract more money into your life, you must make yourself feel as if you already have a lot of it to begin with.

Think of yourself as someone who has a large sum of money in the bank, as someone whose wallet is overflowing with cash, as someone whose money flow is never ending. All these thoughts will make you feel the abundance coming into your life, which then puts you in the right state of mind to allow more money into your life.

Law of attraction and money are inseparable. Don't feel guilty or don't feel that you don't deserve to have a lot of money. Think only good thoughts and don't let other "what if's" distract you from getting what you want.

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