As we know that Montreal in Canada is a bilingual city. It means that the people of this city speak 2 language. The main language in this particular area is French, whereas many people also speaks English as their second language. If you want to sharp your language and if you are from Surat then you have to join Red and White International Who provide IELTS classes in Surat and PTE classes in Surat. However, this particular thing creates a lot of challenges for international students who come there to study. As while studying many students prefer doing part time jobs for their every day expenses as well as for some saving. However, there is a common belief that to do a part time job French language is mandatory. However, this is not the true in all the cases. As the Montreal has the wide range of industries, chances are you'll find something in your related field.
So, touch up that resume and get your interview face ready because we've gone ahead and found some English-speaking jobs that are hiring right now.

1.Partner Communications at Transit
Transit app is an app that helps you to know when your bus is arriving and the best route possible. Something that Montrealer’s know is a must! As Montreal is having a most of people commuting by bus, this application is very much useful for people.
The team is looking for English copywriters for both partner and customer audiences – French is a bonus, but not required. Thus, you should definitely give a try and take a chance.

2. Lead generator.
As there are lots of companies based in the Montreal who deal with the client base services, there are many digital media agencies in the city that work for the lead generation. For example, Design N Rank is website designed and digital media agency looking to take its team to the next level and they are looking for the candidate with the appropriate skill set. Which is mostly the fluency in English language.

3. freelancing copy writer
Today due to the internet and the available online resources many opportunities have been created for the freelancing works. This has opened a wide opportunity for those who are good in writing content. Copy writing jobs include writing a content and brand voice for the company. If you have a basic experience in writing you can apply for this job, even a fresher with good writing skill can easily get work on freelancing website.

4. Customer service representative
As there are number of call centres in Montreal that provides customer services in all over the Canada which provides customer care services as well as technical solutions. To be part of this organizations you required good fluency in English as well as customer friendly nature in which you can listen to their query and provide them equivalent solutions. For example, a call centre called Hiring help is the Montreal based call centre that provides hiring solutions for the candidates. They are offering job for the candidate with as less as 6 months of experience.

5. Designer at local fashion company
Canada is one of the biggest markets for fashion industry. Moreover, due to the fact that it has a cosmopolitan society, people from all over the world following different culture live there. This creates a unique opportunity for designers to bring different fashion in to the Canadian market. So, if you are someone who has a skill of designing clothes there is a wide opportunity to join local company and earn some good money. The best part is that this will not require a French language to get employment.

Thus, after reading this hopefully you have got the idea that it is not impossible to get a job in Montreal with out French. Yes, it will be a kind of advantage for you if you know French, but even without that you can get part time as well as full time job on basis of your English-speaking abilities. You just need find right opportunity and grab it without wasting a time.

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