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The Amazon offers best Amazon Prime series through prime video which offers a vast array of programs and here you could find a large collection of movies, series, documentaries of all types of genres.

The amazon prime also provides a library of successful shows that was telecast in different channels through varying time frames in history. They have acquired the rights of these successful shows that brings an unparalleled viewing experience for your entertainment.

The amazon prime also produces original content exclusive to their platform called prime video ranging from blockbuster movies, original series, and documentaries only available for its members. The original content along with the acquired programs makes prime video a one-stop-shop for your entertainment.


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The Amazon Prime membership is available at Rs 129 per month or Rs 999 per year according to the latest membership plan.

THE TICK (2016-19)
The Tick

THE TICK is a Comedy Superhero adventure series created by Ben Edlund. The tick is realized in a world where superheroes are part of the real world for decades and a city is owned by a global super villain thought to be dead long back.
Until an accountant with no powers comes to realize how the world around him operates. Uncovering the truth and conspiracy takes the accountant in league with a strange blue superhero. This silly big blue bug is a satirical superhero show with fun and humorous characters with a blend of realism and the world of comics.The show was canceled after 2 seasons nevertheless it is a good and entertaining show.
RATING - 7.5/10

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

This is an episodic series of the character of Jack Ryan Author brought to life by author Tom Clancy. The character was also brought to the big screen in several films by Tom Cruise with the same name. Now as an episodic series the character and his adventure are better realized. For the first time, the series tells a better story of the former U.S. Marine what the movies have failed to do.
The character of Jack Ryan is portrayed by John Krasinski in this Amazon original thriller as an up-and-coming CIA analyst. Here he is for the first time uncovering a dangerous field assignment decoding the communication network of the terrorists. Ryan finds himself in the middle of political warfare creating a new breed of terrorism that threatens by everything that he believes on a global scale.
RATING - 8.3/10

THE BOYS (2019-)
The Boys Review

In a world, Superheroes are as revered influential celebrities, powerful politicians, and even revered and worshiped as powerful gods. The superheroes deserve this status when they use their powers for selfless reasons and the betterment of society. But what happens when the same so-called heroes abusing their powers and start to go rogue?

Based on the comic book series of the same name The Boys are a group of normal citizens wronged by the superheroes and are in a quest to expose the truth. The Boys are on a heroic journey against Vought a multi billion-dollar conglomerate that manages the superheroes. They are in the fight of powerless against the powerful uncovering the dirty secrets of the superhero Seven. Though only one season has released it is one of the best Amazon Prime Original Series.
RATING - 8.6/10

The man in high Castle Review

Imagine a world where NAZI’S win World War II and The Man in the High Castle is a depiction of this alternative American history. This web television series is imagined in a parallel universe where the future is different from the current reality and is one of the best Amazon Prime Original Series. The series is inspired by Philip K. Dick's novel The Man in the High Castle, which takes us to a new world that might have been if the outcome of World War II was different.

In this dystopian future in the alternate universe, the Nazis won the war and created the United States that was divided into three parts. Where the occupied US was area controlled by the Nazis, a Japanese controlled section, and an area dividing the two powers. A new hope emerges in this oppressive world when films show a completely different world and a woman sets out to find the mysterious guardian who she believes is the key to freedom.
RATING - 8.4/10

The Expanse Review

In a future where mankind has colonized the solar system and the struggle for power and resources brings a new kind of conflict. The series is set in the future hundreds of years from now where things are different and same on an interplanetary level. After the colonizing of the solar system by humans makes may for Mars becoming an independent military power both Earth and Mars are on the brink of war.

With the backdrop of rising tensions between Earth and Mars, a rogue ship's captain and a hardened detective try to investigate the case of a missing young woman. They are on a race across the solar system to investigate the case leads them to the greatest conspiracy in human history.

The series is an adaptation of a collection of science fiction novels by James S. A. Corey and written for the web series screen by authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. Rising tensions between Earth and Mars have put them on the brink of war.
RATING - 8.4/10

The Grand Tour Review

Former Top-Gear partner Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May team up for a new adventure. This is one of the best Amazon original series as the hosts, the trio travels around the globe finding new cars and a new adventure. The new series instead of a studio the trio finds themselves inside their giant traveling tent in Johannesburg S.A, Lapland, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Scotland, California, Whitby, Nashville, and Dubai.

The series takes them to amazing places around the world, like learning from special forces soldiers at a secret training base, riding one of the powerful cars on test tracks, and the hosts attempt extraordinary things along with their gentleman's tour.
RATING - 8.7/10

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