Laptops are much more fragile than their sturdier counterparts, the desktops, and because of this, they can be expensive to maintain. Battery life is also much less. Replacement parts may be difficult to source in remote locations.

Generally a laptop user, unless he/she is a dedicated computer geek, prefers to take professional help in tackling hardware issues, especially if it means replacing certain components and peripherals. In the long run, this can save a lot of time and money, if the services of a reputed, honest expert are availed. Many repair-service providers also give stand-by systems and also guarantee data protection, back-ups etc.

Some of the commonly faced hardware problems in laptops are:

Blank Screen: Though the laptop powers up and the fan comes on, the screen remains black. This could be either simply a memory failure or a larger problem with the motherboard or processor.

Repeated On/Off: The machine powers on but immediately switches off and continues to do this till you switch off the power completely. This again could be a motherboard issue and in such cases, it may not be worth it to replace, since these replacements are very expensive.

Battery Charging issues: Laptop batteries have a notoriously short life-span. However, it is also useful to check whether the power-jack is working or connected properly.

Screen problems: The screen light doesn't come up, or it dims as you use the laptop. This may be a simple screen-lamp failure. Another type of screen problem is when the image is fuzzy or distorted. This could be a graphics-card issue or video output problem.

Sounds and audio disturbances: Odd whirring or whining sounds, or beeping continuously can be annoying and worrisome. Usually they're caused by a faulty fan or stuck keys.

Loose keys, faulty mouse: Damage to these delicate parts may not be worth repairing. It is cheaper and faster to get complete replacements.

Spillage: One of the most common and most damaging laptop hardware problems is caused by spilling liquids onto the machine. It is always better to stop using the laptop completely for a while and find out whether any major damage has occurred. Call in a professional to clean up, since if you're not an expert, you could cause more damage.

Overheating: This issue usually shows up when your laptop freezes without warning and feels hot to the touch. The fan sounds may also increase. Usually a simple clean-up of the fan system should help, as this happens due to dust and grease accumulation.

Whatever the hardware issue with your laptop, you have several repair-service options to choose from: remote, onsite or DIY.

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