There's no doubt that our marriages these days really require assistance. A lot of marriages are on the brink of breaking up and don't understand what to do. Lot's of these folks have attempted different things. Some have had improvements whilst some haven't. Why do some of these people fail when some are succeeding?

When you're determined to find how to save your marriage, you would certainly spend lot's of your time speaking to people and trying to find where to get the help you need. Your continued search just shows that you have yet to find the answer. Do we conclude that it is not possible to get an answer or what?

Some folks are actually wondering about marriage counseling. Many folks would ask you this - does marriage counseling work? This is just an expression of their doubts. This may have been caused by their personal experience or that of someone around them. We would need to look at this issue and try to find out why some marriage seem not make progress when they go for marriage counseling.

In beginning this issues, I need to state that it is not every marriage that would work, marriage therapy or not. This may be as a result of the foundation of the marriage. Some people should not just have gotten married. There is someone you would get married to and not be able to make it work. In situations like this, you may discover that you have made a major mistake in your choice of a spouse. Everything you do after the bad choice would just be really difficult. If there's no way that fundamental mistake can be corrected, the chances of that marriage working is really slim.

Since we have stated this clearly, we would now concentrate on marriages that have issues not as a result of a wrong choice of spouse. If there is one thing that's normal with marriages, it's that they encounter issues. It's not the challenges that impact our marriages. It is how the problems are taken care of. One thing that would really assist marriages is marriage therapy. We however have to be aware of some truths.

You should be commended for taking the decision to go for marriage therapy. Make sure you know that counseling won't in any way take the place of the part you're meant to play. Your role would not be taken over by the marriage therapist. All they are there to do is guide you. You would need to make the decisions for yourself and do all you need to do.

A normal marriage is a relationship between two individuals. If only one partner in the marriage is determined to fox the marriage, then it would be a much more hard task. When the two parties concerned in the marriage are committed to the task, marriage therapy would be much more successful.

Another fact we need to bear in mind is that there is nothing one party can do if the other does not want the marriage to succeed. Before we conclude that marriage therapy doesn't work, we should find out how determined the two parties involved were. It is almost unthinkable for a couple that are equally committed to making their marriage succeed not to record success in their mission.

The best way to approach marriage issues and succeed is as one.

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