In a criminal justice system, a defense lawyer plays a crucial role. And it's not just one role but many that a Best Lawyers in Supreme Court Delhi has to fulfill. It may include applying for bail from the Supreme court to transfer petition in Supreme court.

While the prosecutor tries to enforce the laws and ensures the conviction leads to penalties or sentences, the defense lawyer defends its clients and represents the case on their behalf.

Generally, the defendants directly contact a criminal defense lawyer, or else the case is assigned to one by the court.
The public defender's office pays for the majority of such lawyers who work as public defenders. The cases are appointed to them by the local or federal courts. Some criminal lawyers, on the other hand, are hired by some private firms.

Public defenders get paid lower than private lawyers. Such lawyers also have more cases to handle.

What Happens When you Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The first thing that a criminal defense lawyer does is to set up a meeting with you so that they can get as much detailed information out of you as possible.

It helps them in figuring out the case. It also helps in finding out the strengths and weaknesses and possible defensive strategies. During this, you may have to go through thorough questioning. So, be as cooperative as you can.

All this investigation helps a criminal defense lawyer in determining the possibility of acquitting you. If you are already convicted, they may help transfer petitions to the supreme court. This investigation may even include questioning sessions with the police. Also, they will talk to the witness in case the witness holds any crucial information that may help to free you from all the charges.

Once the lawyer gathers all the required information, they will build a strong defense using it.

A criminal defense lawyer holds the right of reviewing the case made by the prosecution before it goes to the jury. It helps in finding out possible loopholes that can help acquit the defendant. It also includes finding the evidence and checking the credibility and source of it by working with independent labs and other experts. So, if a local court has given its judgment and declares you guilty, a defense lawyer can provide bails special leave petition to get you a chance for another hearing.

Role of Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer's job is to protect you and your rights. They do that by ensuring:

They are present during the interrogation process with the police.
Defending your rights in court and asking for your bail amount to be reduced.
Helping you in deciding whether to take the case to trial or to plead guilty.
Carefully examining the evidence and tests that come from forensics.
If convicted of the crimes, pleading for a reduced sentence or a fair one.

How much does it cost to hire a legal representative?

For starters, this depends highly upon the financial status of you as a defendant and if you can hire a private representative or not.

Usually, private criminal defense lawyers have a fixed charge, and they get paid on an hourly basis.

Such lawyers don't take the contingency fees until the outcome of the case reveals.
If you can't afford private counsel, the court may help you by providing you with a public defender paid by the government.

But for most people, payment is not an issue; the issue is to find the right defense lawyer.

Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

When it comes to hiring the best professional lawyer, you'd think that a private attorney is better than a public one as you put trust in the service you pay for. But that's not always the case.

Whether you hire a private one or a public one, it is crucial to ensure that the lawyer can provide you with better plea deals. Apart from that, there are things like experience, commitment, and skills that also count. So, make sure that you look at the portfolio of the lawyer. Also, try to see their success rate in cases similar to yours.

If you need to know more about hiring the best defense attorney, feel free to reach out to us.

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