English language has been spreading it's wings day by day. Seeing the use of English language in corporates and day to day world, it is very important for everyone to learn English. The rampant demand has given rise to good English tutors too.
You might be wondering what to learn in English ? As you know, English is a vast subject having no limited boundaries so you need to limit yourself first. It's better to focus on all the aspects of English - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Among these, you can practise Reading, Writing and listening on your own by following some strategies but when it comes to English speaking, you should look after some English Speaking Courses.
The population of India is so much, just imagine how many people would need to learn English. India still is not like USA where a child remains in English environment since his or her birth. Hindi or some other languages are spoken mostly. English is required while writing letters, essays, emails, blogs, making projects, giving presentations, during interviews, group discussion etc. How can these people learn English Speaking? It's giving rise to the scope of English Spoken tutor in India.
If you are having good command in English then you can become an English tutor. You can either join a good training institute where you will get the students to teach or can try to teach the students online if you can get good leads. Do prepare yourself well before you start teaching. Make an impressive course module which will act as a roadmap for the students to learn English. You can make different modules for basic and advanced level students.
Once you start teaching the students, go with modules, start giving some words everyday and try to do some spoken English activities parallely. If you need some assistance, you can see various English Speaking Courses online. You will predefined modules, contents and a lot of activities.
Work on your Personality and Communication Skills too. It will help you to gain confidence while teaching. In accordance to it, the students will be impressed from you. They will try to acquire these skills from you. Being a beginner, you also have to work a lot on spoken English and few other soft skills. Acquire basic general knowledge from newspapers, magazines etc. It will help you to remain aware during speaking in classes, participating in group discussions, debates, interviews etc. Reading novels and blogs will help you a lot to improve the standard of your English. Always try to be a learner...no one is perfect in English...!!! With this mindset, keep yourself growing, it will also have great impact on your students.
You can prepare some module wise handouts or presentation for English speaking course. Limit the content to spoken English part only. No one would prefer to study too much of grammar again after school days. Some assignments will also be needed while you start teaching. So it's better to prepare it beforehand. Some of the activity plans you can do like Story Telling, Role Plays, Anchoring, News Reading, Mock Interviews, Chit Chats, Media Session, Group Discussion, Debate etc. These spoken English activities will help the students to speak English whatever they know earlier or you have taught them. All of us have studied English in our schools but it just needs to revise and polish our previous knowledge. Try to make the classes interactive so that the students do not get bored. They should get an affection while pursuing English speaking course.
You have to find the mistakes when a student speaks and try to guide the correct version of it. You are the guide and mentor for the student so you should be much more responsible. Try to learn new things, activities which help the students to learn English easily. If you are teaching the students for getting job then you can focus more on Group Discussion, Debate & Mock Interviews. These are the pillars of any corporate world. It's important to judge the level of student before starting the classes. Every student has different knowledge, different grasping power so you need to teach them accordingly.
Keep up the high spirit and start the journey of being an excellent spoken English tutor...!!

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