This article is for all the parents who are about to land on the Sydney airport and want to book a car for their destination Rotty Hill. It takes only 40 minutes to reach Rotty Hills from the Sydney Airport. However, travelling with a child in a hired taxi needs more care and proper restraints.

Here is a guideline that the taxi service providers follow cautiously as per the legal systems.

1.For Infants:

The toughest seat law regarding the car seat has been followed in Australia, every responsible taxi service company provides car seat while travelling with kids (up to 12 years).

2.For Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

Infants and toddlers must ride in the rear-facing seats until they reach the highest allowed height and weight by the car manufacturers. Different car manufacturers set different limits. The travellers should ask their chauffers about the seating arrangement for the kids while hiring a maxi taxi from Sydney Airport to Rotty Hill. Also, one should know that children of 2 years old or more are allowed to use convertible seats.

3.School Children

Children whose height and weight surpass the weight limit are allowed to sit on the belt-position booster seat provided the seatbelt of the vehicle fits correctly. In general, the rule is applicable until the children have reached 12 years old. Therefore, parents must ask for a proper car seat according to the age, height, and weight of their children.

4.Young Teenagers

All children up to the 13 years are allowed to use the lap and shoulder seatbelts for the best protection.

Some extra tips for children car safety are included-

  • The passengers must ensure that they keep the arms, legs, and heads inside the cars (parked or moving)
  • Active the childproof door locks when the vehicle is running or parked.
  • Always place the child nearer to the kerbside.

Apart from all these stringent rules and regulations, some exemptions for children riding in a taxi are there in Australia that is considered when the car seats are not available. They are-

If the hired company fail to provide a suitable child seat, a child over one-year age can travel in the car without the proper restraint, but not in the front seat.

In case the child is unable to use the restraint due to some medical condition, the chauffeur must have a certificate from a doctor regarding the case.


All the child restraints used in the cars must comply with the Australian standard law meant for the car seats. The Australian child restraint law is one of the strict car laws in the world. Therefore, passengers who hire maxi taxi from Sydney airport to the city should be aware of these laws and make sure that the car service providers must follow that too.

Bottom Line:

Finally, people of Australia, travelling with their families, especially with a child must know the complete rules and regulation about the car seats. Almost all the car-hire companies provide an added option to apply for a car seat on their website.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a professional chauffeur in a reputed airport transport service. Being a trained driver, the author is well-versed in all routes of the maxi taxi from Sydney airport to Rotty Hill and other cities.