Simple steps to clean the interior and exterior parts of your refrigerator:

The first thing to do during refrigerator cleaning is to defrost the freezer. Defrosting would take three to four hours, depending on the room temperature. Defrosting is very important because it makes your cleaning procedure much lighter and makes it easier for you to clean every corners of your freezer. After defrosting make sure to remove all food or beverages that is stored on the refrigerator. Place the food and beverages on another cooler or to a place where it cannot be spoil. You can also use an electric fan and turning it on facing the refrigerator to hasten the defrosting process. Such step will make you consume time and energy. When the refrigerator is already dry up and emptied, you can now start washing out every corners of it using a warm water solution with a mixture of a mild soap. After washing out make sure to totally rinse every area and then wipe it with a fresh and clean dry cloth. After drying the inner part of the refrigerator check for any remaining stain on the sides and edges of it making it sure that it’s perfectly washed out. Do not leave the refrigerator wet because moisture is the area where microorganism can easily multiply and we do not want that to happen or else this entire procedures will be useless.

The next step is to clean the outer part of your refrigerator. The exterior part of the refrigerator is also important because this is the main image of the refrigerator. The more the outer part is carefully cleansed the more it is presentable not only to our eyes but also to our visitors or guests. Always remember to unplug the wire completely and though you are already done cleaning on the inner side of the refrigerator it should still be remained off. This step is just a basic technique to avoid electrical and fire accidents. Upon cleaning the outer part of the refrigerator you need to use a clean rag cloth and wet it gently and then starting wiping the sides of it. The removable shelves should also be washed out using an anti microbial detergent or a baking soda to remove any dirt and thus provides a pleasant fragrance to your refrigerator. The common stain in our refrigerator are berries and other colored liquid ingredients. But you don’t have to worry because this can be easily eradicated through the use of a cloth with a warm water-detergent solution. All you have to do is to patiently wipe the stained area for about 2 to 5 strokes. After cleaning the entire portion of the refrigerator all you have to do is to turn it on, set it on your desired temperature and place the food and the beverages back to the refrigerator.

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