Do you use direct mail?
Did you know that post cards are the up and coming way to reach clients?
Because of the inexpensiveness of mailing post cards and the way people respond to direct them, it is time to invest in them especially if you’re a local small business owner and professional.
This includes if you’re a lawyer, doctor, realtor, carpet cleaner, contractor, and more.
Postcard Uses
Postcards are best used as marketing to promote sales, store events, or special occasions at your small business. Keep your message short, your offer sweet, and use eye-catching images that make the card attractive.
What to Keep in Mind when Building One
There are a million things that one can do with a Post Card to make it successful, but like building airplanes, some were never meant to fly. Therefore, these are the things you have to keep in mind.

Hone your Targeting
– Target a neighborhood based on your ideal client
– Make a yearlong campaign to this mailing list
– Use Trigger Words to hit their heartstrings and make it personal
*Note –Rent a direct mail list from sites like, and if you haven’t been able to build your own or use the Post Office’s EDDM Program.

Use one eye-catching graphic and a Nine-Word headline to grab attention and lead to your content

Make a Juicy Offer that they can’t refuse.
Such as…
– Free E-Book that they would want to read
– First Two Consultations Free
– Waived Fees
– Discounts
– Coupons
*Note – Don’t forget to put the value saved in parenthesis to emphasize what they could be missing. ($99 value)

Ensure you create scarcity by having an expiration date.
– Example - For One Time Only – Sale Ends 06/01/2015

Developing the content is important
– Have enough relevant information so that it’s clear what the product or service is
– Include information on how to respond. This is where you need to get creative
– For better response ask a question, and bury the answer toward the end of the other side so they are enthralled in wanting the read the entire postcard.
*Note – The most effective direct-mail postcard mailers don’t attempt to sell prospects straight from the postcard. Rather, they compel your readers to take the next step in the purchasing process.

Design the card
– Make the Post Card Bigger than normal to attract attention
– Watch your justification - Justifying the left margins helps readers find the beginning of your copy. But if it is centered or justified on both sides, it becomes harder to read.

*Note – Get Creative. Do things to grab attention and never let go. For example, Flip-flop side A and B. Where A is reserved for your photo and headline, while side B contains the pitch along with the stamp and address. Do it to keep your prospects engaged.

Tracking the card
– Link recipients to a landing page that is specific to the card.
– Have a postcard specific promo code.
– Or follow the red-lined link…

Trial Run
– Run your card by your editor or a few people you know to ensure it gets the desired results
– Follow the eyes, this is a good technique to see how the post card directs the eyes of someone who receives it. If they follow it through, great, if it has parts that cause the person to lose interest, you have a problem on your hands.

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Lucas Thomas has earned thousands of dollars with only one white sheet of paper. With only ink and paper he has become financially free.

He has been doing professional copy for the last
four years. And officially started his Copywriting and Internet Marketing business in May of 2011. All while earning his Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management. In business, this has included all direct marketing pieces from brochures to sales letters. In academics, scholarships to proposals. In non-profits, grants to fundraisers. He has worked with multiple entrepreneurs, small companies, and non-profits across the World.

Using direct marketing, he has both on and off line become successful. And now he is available for the first time to provide for your business. Using elegant copy, he will boost your business to the next level. By qualifying members and converting those leads to sales.