A thyroid nodule is a lump on the thyroid. The thyroid is located in the neck and is responsible for the regulation and release of hormones. Thyroid nodules – or cysts – can often be symptomless and go undetected, unless a doctor locates them during a check-up. If a thyroid nodule is large it may be easily visible and disrupt breathing. Often thyroid nodules are of low concern, but your doctor may run tests to ensure they are safe and won’t lead to further health concerns.

Causes and symptoms of thyroid nodules
causes of Thyroid nodulesMany factors can contribute to the cause of thyroid nodules. Common causes of thyroid nodules include:

Iodine deficiency: Iodine is used by the thyroid, but low levels can result in thyroid nodules. Although iodine deficiency can cause thyroid nodules, it is uncommon in America.

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