If you have heard of a fitness tracker or an activity tracker, you already know how it takes note of all your fitness information. But for your kids, it is more of a game than fitness exercise!

There will be challenges like walking to the school or climbing the stairs instead of the lift. Also, if you go for exercise, you can take your kid too. You both can spend quality time together exercising!

Here are some facts that you need to know about the kid’s fitness tracker. Have a look!

Benefits of Fitness Tracker

Makes Kids Active

With the help of a fitness tracker, you can make your kid more active. They will see what they need to improve in terms of their fitness and they will work better.

Also, they will get to know what their shortcomings are and work for improving those.

Develops the Competitive Nature

If your kid gets a fitness tracker, he will track down his improvements and lackings. And build up a new goal every day.

So, he will be in competition always. It will improve the competitive nature of him.

Fun with Exercise

Exercising in a gym can be boring but when your kids play with a fitness tracker, they play games. And so, your kid doesn’t get bored with doing exercise!

Also, he can find his way to a new sport while using the fitness tracker! Get the Fitbit for kids and go for swimming or running. You can both spend time together having amazing games!

When you need Fitness Tracker?

Just to Track

If you have never tried a fitness tracker, you can buy it and use it to know the benefits. To keep your kid healthy, you can get a fitness tracker.

In the game time, you can switch it on and track their fitness. From playing to tumble, it will add points to make them fit.

Fitness Goals

You can use fitness trackers for reaching a specific fitness goal. In most cases, if your kid wants to be an athlete then he must have a fitness goal.

A trainer can be very helpful in such situations. He can set up a target and with the help of the fitness tracker, you can easily track down how your kid is improving day by day.

Medical Reasons

In some crucial issues, kids might go through medical troubles where they need to maintain fitness. Medical conditions like diabetes or ADHD, fitness trackers can be highly beneficial.

With the aid of a tracker, you can keep an eye on your child’s physique. Also, it helps in understanding the symptoms of your kid.

As a result, you can also keep away unwanted situations. And in conclusion, it will develop the wellness of your baby.

When you don’t need Fitness Tracker

Fit Kids

We don’t find that every child needs a fitness tracker unless it is compulsory. In this world, we need to keep the children free from all sorts of additional pressure.

So, if your kid is already fit, eats well, plays well, you probably don’t need a tracker


Kids always feel annoyed when you add an extra object to their bodies. Not every child will feel the same but often some children find it a burden to wear additional accessories.

Eventually, they start having negative feelings towards physical activity. In cases, their physical health might improve but their mental health gets worse. It is better you don’t pressurize your child to wear it.

Too Concerned Kids

Some kids are too much into exercise and games. It will surely affect their education and other jobs.

If you see that your kid is getting too strict about his fitness, it is time to gently take the fitness tracker away from them.

The fitness tracker will help them build a new goal and then fulfill it and the goal will start getting bigger. You do not want him to be too strict about fitness.

Wrap Up

Now that you know all the benefits and basic facts of a fitness tracker, you can easily know if you need an activity tracker or not.

While buying the right fitness tracker, be sure about the quality, performance, and kids-friendliness.

Let us know which activity trackers you have used till now. What is your favorite fitness tracker for your child? Comment below which one your kid loved the most.

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