If I had had some assistance from just a little internet business training , I would not have wasted more than a year of my time. Keyword selection is not rocket science, but there are things you need to know, and the sooner the better. This site is not a shill for some program that you pay $67.00 a month for information that is free all over the internet. Yes, just because I suggest you get some training does not mean I am suggesting you pay for some rehashed material that is available for free, what I want you to do is make avail yourself of the great free information accessible all over the internet.

Selecting keywords for a new internet home business is very important for your future success, without properly selected keywords, you will waste untold amounts of time, effort and resources, which you will never be able to get back. I made this mistake of not spending any time on keywords and I have heavily paid the price. I wasted more than a year on a number of sites that had to be totally redone.

So what is so important about keywords? Simply put, keywords are how people find you on the internet, especially the search engines. Without properly selected keywords, you and your brand new web site are invisible to the internet and the millions of people zooming around on it. Take yourself as an example, how do you find things on the internet? You go to a search engine, you put in your query, and in seconds you have the best 1,000 or so web sites at your finger tips; all ranked from the most relevant to the least.

Imagine for a moment that you own a web site, and your web site was not eligible to be in the search engines, and that every time, all over the world, people would put in requests for your web site, and the search engines would not include your web site in the list they gave out for your category. This is the case when you pick the wrong keywords or you pick keywords that are heavily entrenched in the search engines and are going to take a long time to be dislodged, if ever.

Not only do you have to pick the right keywords for your web site, you need to pay attention to the keywords that you want to use, and the chances that you are going to be able to get a good page rank with them sometime soon. This is another area where some internet business training will come in handy. You need a combination of keywords that are relevant to your web site and you can rank for soon and get some traffic to your site to stay competitive long enough for the tougher, more competitive keywords to come in for you.

It is this combination between easy to rank keywords that do not bring a lot of traffic with them and the tougher to rank keywords that bring a lot of traffic with them. What is the point of ranking number one for a keyword when all that word will produce is 50 searches a month? The same applies to a highly competitive keyword that has 5,000 searches a month, but you rank 185th in that word, and brings you no searches. You need to have a combination of keywords that you can rank for now, that bring in some searches, and then some tougher keywords that you do not rank for now, but over time you will rise for.

Some decent internet business training can provide you with the answers to these questions. As I have mentioned, you can get this support and training free on the internet. All of the search engines have free tools you can use to pick and select keywords for your internet home business opportunity. They help you pick appropriate keywords as well as tell you how many searched each word gets and most importantly, what is the competition for each word.

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