Attending college is a big step, and it is indeed the pathway to a better career. Unfortunately, the college experience is sometimes quite stressful. Managing stress in college becomes easier when you use these tips for relief:


DO: Use time management


Planning out your schedule is the best defense to keep your stress and anxiety levels to a minimum. Make a list of priority tasks and set aside time to complete each one. Give yourself at least three hours a week to study for each subject you take. For example, if you are taking four courses, study at least 12 hours a week (not counting time spent on assignments). Prepare yourself before any quizzes or exams, so you worry less about the outcome. Give yourself a few days to prepare for any quiz, so you are less stressed when it is time to take the test.


DO: Use stress management techniques


Your mental perspective also affects how well you deal with stress. Use stress management techniques to learn ways to overcome those uncomfortable moments. Opt for relaxing music over fist-pumping musical options to wind down properly. Meditation in all forms is excellent for managing stress. Spiritual individuals sometimes also benefit from solitude and prayer.


DO: Limit work hours while in college


If you are working a job and going to college at the same time, consider switching to part-time employment. This simple technique helps relieve a lot of frustration and gives you adequate time to focus on your studies.


DO: Have a good time out with friends


Too often, it is easy to remain at home in a stress-induced state. If you have an enjoyable time out with your friends now and then, it is easier for you to attend college without feeling deprived of recreational time. See a movie, attend a party or visit a nice restaurant to get your mind off of worrisome subjects. Be sure to choose dates for these activities that do not interfere with your academic studies.


DO: Exercise to alleviate stress


Exercise is a great stress buster, and it helps you to get in excellent shape at the same time. Do not hesitate to hit the gym to help eliminate your stress. Even a 10-minute walk helps you to wind down after a fast-paced day.


DON'T: Neglect to maintain a good diet with adequate rest


Get at least seven hours of sleep per night to revitalize your system and gear yourself up to deflect the stressors that appear the following day. Eat a balanced diet to make sure that your body obtains all of the necessary nutrients to fuel its functions. Your brain runs more efficiently with healthy food and adequate rest.


DON'T: Drink alcohol and do drugs


Alcohol and drug use strips you of the natural defense and energy that you have to combat daily stress. Avoid trying to relieve stress by using alcohol and drugs, or you risk destroying your health and well-being.


DON'T: Get frustrated with others


Managing your stress is your issue, but do not lash out at friends, loved ones and fellow students in the process. Learn to release your frustration positively instead of harboring it. Use your energy creatively by delving into the arts or a particular hobby. Walk away to blow off steam to avoid acting in anger against others.


DON'T: Hesitate to speak with a counselor if necessary


Long-term stress without management can be harmful to your mental, physical and emotional health. If you are interested in considering treatment to help with stress or anxiety you may consider reaching out to local professionals such as Denver anxiety treatment. It is possible that you are suffering from depression as well.


Learn to say no to fulfill all your goals for proper time management. Do not procrastinate when there are things to be done. Find your peak energy times and aim to fulfill each task. Use only responsible methods for alleviating your stress. Learn to take it easy and consider using these tips for managing stress in college.

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