Have you heard of a teenager making good money as a model and actor? If you haven’t, Ruby Lightfoot is an American teenager making real money through modeling and acting. Today, she has become an inspiration to many young talents who want to pursue their goals. For more information about Ruby, continue reading.

Ruby Lightfoot

Background Information About Lightfoot

Lightfoot was born in Los Angeles on 23rd September 2005. Today, she is a little above 15 years, and has done great things already in the fashion and entertainment sectors. She comes from a simple family that supports her all through to ensure she achieves her set objectives. Without family support, it’s challenging to develop talent, and be productive. When it comes to her education background, not much is available, but based to her status, she must be studying at a reputable institution in the U.S.

Ruby as a Model

You need talents to be a top model in the U.S. Ruby as a talented young girl realized she can do modelling at a young age. She started modeling in 2014, and since then, everything has been working on her favor. In 2015, Ruby became an ambassador for ANTKM. She was recognized and became popular, as a result. Additionally, it exposed Ruby to the outside word, and that opened new opportunities for her.

Top models feature on leading magazines. You know what, at the young age, Ruby Lightfoot has managed to appear on top magazines in the U.S. She appeared on the cover of Child Model Magazine as well as Wild Child Magazine. What’s more, she recently featured on the Vogue Magazine. All these made her more famous and get more modelling gigs.

Acting Career

Besides being a model, Ruby is also an actress. She realized her acting talent early enough, and nurtured it to become one of the most influential actresses in the USA. As a result of talent development, commitment, and hard work, she was included in Elvis Lives, a live film. She acted and danced on the film. This was just the beginning, and she is currently working on different projects to be released soon.

Is Ruby an Influencer?

Yes, she is. Ruby has a huge following on Instagram, and other social media platforms. As a result, she is influential online, and digital marketers use influencers like her for exposure and promotions. In addition to her large number of followers, Ruby is a member of The Squad, a popular social media group for influencers.

Interests and hobbies

Ruby is an experienced barrel horse racer. She won the NBHA 2019 saddle, and continues to work hard for the upcoming competitions. Besides that, she is an animal lover, and activist. What’s more, she likes music, and is happy to support young talents with big dreams.

Involved in Any Gossip or Scandals?

One thing exciting about Ruby Lightfoot is that she is having a straight career even if she is making good money at a young age. She has focused all her energy, time and resources in developing her talents, not competing with other models. That way, she has a straightforward profile, something almost impossible for top models and celebrities.

Final Words

At the age of 15 years, Ruby’s net worth is approximately $1 million. She makes money through modelling, parties, TV films, ads, and more. It has not been easy, but through hard work, commitment and talents Ruby Lightfoot has achieved all that. She is simply an inspiration to many young talents.

You can check out her Instagram handle and Youtube channel.

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Ruby Lightfoot is a young American model inspiring many young talents. To know more about her, here are key things you need to know.