Be it a faulty wire, a dysfunctional ceiling fan or a noisy aircon unit; it is recommended to call in a professional electrician to check it out.

One should never rush into things when selecting an electrician, as one without the proper knowledge can do more harm than good. And everyone knows well how dangerous a poorly executed electrical work can be.

This post will explain a few key questions to ask out an electrician before appointing him. Follow closely!

  1. "Can You Share Your Qualification and License Details?"

Different parts of Australia are known to have vivid rules and licence requirements for an electrician to possess.

Check if the individual has an electrician's license: This vouchsafes that the individual has completed a 4-year apprenticeship and also has 1-year of on-site work experience.

With that; one needs to check if the electrician has a REC license: (Registered Electrical Contractors) license. This ensures that the individual is a sound electrician in Gold Coast and is fit to perform all electrical operations in a compliant manner.

  1. "Can You Share References of Your Recently Served Clients?"

One reliable mode of finding trustworthy electricians is going through their customer testimonial section. One can find those reviews on their company website, Facebook, etc.

When searching; one will also find some companies not enlisting their customer reviews on their sites. It is best to avoid those electricians. One way to determine their quality is to contact them via their company contact details and seek references for some of their recently served clients.

Speaking to them will present closure of how proficient, diligent and trustworthy the electrician is in carrying out different electrical operations.

  1. "Do You Provide The Necessary Insurances?"

When performing electrical operations; there is always the chance of accidents happening. Sometimes those accidents can turn serious resulting in fire, electric shocks or fusing of the main power board.

As a homeowner, one wishes to keep those unfortunate perils at bay. One good way to doing that is checking if the shortlisted electrician has a workman compensation insurance. If any accidents do happen, then the damage can be compensated by such insurance policies.

So, what one needs to check is copies of the current policies and make sure that it has not run past its expiration date.

  1. "Can You Provide A Price Quote And A Breakdown of Its Prices"

Lastly; one should request for a price quote and compare it with at least 3 more quotes from other electricians. Doing so will present a clear picture whether the shortlisted domestic electricians in Gold Coast adheres to the industry standards or not.

One should also communicate the exact work needed to be done. This involves the exact fitting and the materials used to get the task done. Getting a proper breakdown of its prices can help one set their estimated budget.

When invigilating a competent electrician, be sure to use these questions. It will reduce the work labour and ensure the pending electrical work is done to perfection.

Author's Bio: 

The author works as an electrician in Gold Coast for some time. With that, the author also knows about the rest of the licensed domestic electricians in the Gold Coast region.