Modern farmhouse style is a deviation from the countryside intentions and simplistic purposes of providing farmhands with shelter. Nowadays, it has become a style to reckon with in many modern houses. It is stylish and requires a keen touch to get it right.

Do you intend to install a modern farmhouse kitchen in your home? You need to understand the basic features that define it to get it right.

Key features of a modern farmhouse

1. Blends country with contemporary

A modern farmhouse design is an injection of the traditional rustic charm and the modern sophistication to create an amazing look. Creating this contrast needs a clear balance. Simplicity is also another ingredient to getting it right when blending the two approaches.

An ideal example that can show this is installing a kitchen island made of a butcher block from reclaimed wood while the surrounding is made of polished marble.

2. Neutrals are dominant

It is a must to use neutrals when blending the traditional farmhouse and modern trends. The interior of a modern farmhouse should be decorated with neutral wall paints.
Examples of such colors include white that is paired with black. It is easy to add desired furniture or appliances when a neutral color scheme is used.

3. Rustic wood with modern metals

Another defining characteristic of a modern farmhouse is the pairing of rustic woods with modern metals. A combination of the two extremes works well to bring sleekness to the kitchen.

4. Bare windows and high ceilings

The idea of creating ware windows and high ceilings to add space to the kitchen. Space is a key concern for a modern farmhouse. It must have sufficient space that brings more natural light to the kitchen.

5. Minimalistic design

One thing that both the original farmhouse and modern designs agree with is simplicity. A modern farmhouse is simple. The owner should strive to remove all clutter from the kitchen to create a minimalistic feeling in the house.

The simplicity extends to the walls as well. They should have simple wall paintings that do not attract attention.

These are the basic features that define a modern farmhouse. They are simple to implement but need a keen eye of a designer who understands how these features work. You can get ideas from online sources but you will need an expert to help you actualize the concepts.

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